Live with Nancy Thames: Time for Disclosure April 28 @ 7:30 pm

ABQ UFOs 2.93K subscribers Join us for an exclusive live-stream interview as we delve into the fascinating world of cosmic encounters and spiritual awakening with Nancy Thames, a prominent figure in the realm of alien disclosure. Formerly employed by the Department of Defense, Nancy’s life took an extraordinary turn as she embarked on a journey …

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The LIFE of the Extraterrestrial Experiencer w/Nancy Thames

Not Alone w/ Nancy Thames

Aliens & Angels November 19, 2023 Nancy Thames

Meet Nancy Thames – a former Department of Defense employee and a lifelong E.T. Contactee who has emerged as a significant voice in alien disclosure and spiritual awakening. She stresses that experiences often labeled “abductions” are enlightened contacts, part of a broader, benevolent interaction with extraterrestrial entities aiming to usher humanity into a new era …

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The Extraterrestrial Enigma With Nancy Thames UNIDENTIFIED-S4 17.7K

ANTHONY & ANDY GREAT Conversation Tonight With NANCY!!The more we listen to others we will all piece it together & Really Find the TRUTH!!

Connections Alien & Human #ufo #uap #viral

Arcturian Hybrid Talks About The Upcoming Planetary Changes

  Podcast guest 805 is Viviane Chauvet. Originally from Canada, Viviane is internationally recognized for her work as an advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar in a human projected form. Viviane’s healing practice and teachings inspire people to live in Universal Consciousness as sovereign Divine Beings. She specializes in multidimensional frequency healing, conscious channeling, soul matrix healing, …

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