Live with Nancy Thames: Time for Disclosure April 28 @ 7:30 pm

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Join us for an exclusive live-stream interview as we delve into the fascinating world of cosmic encounters and spiritual awakening with Nancy Thames, a prominent figure in the realm of alien disclosure. Formerly employed by the Department of Defense, Nancy’s life took an extraordinary turn as she embarked on a journey of encounters with interdimensional and extraterrestrial beings. Through personal struggles and profound transformations, Nancy has emerged as a staunch advocate for disclosure, firmly believing it is Time for Disclosure. At the heart of Nancy’s message is her conviction that these encounters hold immense significance not just for herself but all of humanity. Through her platform,, she invites open dialogue about the implications of extraterrestrial interactions and their role in human evolution. Drawing from her experiences and insights gained from beings across dimensions, Nancy challenges conventional narratives surrounding these encounters. Rather than viewing them as “abductions,” she posits them as enlightened contacts, part of a broader, benevolent interaction to guide humanity into a new era of cosmic awareness. In this live stream interview, Nancy will share her encounters, delve into the deeper meaning behind these experiences, and explore their implications for our collective consciousness. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, unity, and spiritual evolution, guided by Nancy’s profound wisdom and unwavering commitment to truth. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your understanding of our place within the larger galactic framework and join the call to embrace our cosmic destiny. Visit Nancy’s website at:



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