Aliens & Angels November 19, 2023 Nancy Thames

Meet Nancy Thames – a former Department of Defense employee and a lifelong E.T. contactee who has emerged as a significant voice in the realm of alien disclosure and spiritual awakening. She stresses that experiences often labeled as “abductions” are enlightened contacts, part of a broader, benevolent interaction with extraterrestrial entities aiming to usher humanity into a new era of cosmic participation. The E.T. mission is driven by a philosophy of unity, spiritual evolution, and the pursuit of truth, extending an invitation to all of humanity to acknowledge and embrace our place within the larger galactic framework. Thanks for liking, subscribing, commenting, and sharing this podcast!

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1 thought on “Aliens & Angels November 19, 2023 Nancy Thames”

  1. I am an Alien , born 1943 . (actually born the normal way,) extra Dimensional.

    My Mentor is a 8/9 dimensional entity, feminine,

    you will not believe this , so what. I have a job to do,


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