The Extraterrestrial Enigma With Nancy Thames UNIDENTIFIED-S4 17.7K

ANTHONY & ANDY GREAT Conversation Tonight With NANCY!!The more we listen to others we will all piece it together & Really Find the TRUTH!!

Connections Alien & Human #ufo #uap #viral

A Lifetime of Postitive ET Contact, Disclosure – Nancy Thames, TSP 910


NANCY THAMES/Lifelong Experiencer With Interdimensional Beings/Department Of Defense Official, Ret

NANCY THAMES/Lifelong Experiencer With Interdimensional Beings      

Extraterrestrial Contact, The Weird & Strange News & Much More … w/ Nancy Thames

Nancy Thames, a former Department of Defense employee and a lifelong contactee of extraterrestrial beings, has emerged as a significant voice in the realm of alien disclosure and spiritual awakening. Her journey, marked by personal struggles, transformed profoundly through her continuous extraterrestrial encounters. These experiences, initially suppressed, were eventually embraced as Nancy began to understand …

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Among Us With Nancy Thames

Message From Aliens Given To A Boy During Abduction

In the summer of 1948, somewhere in the countryside of the Stavropol Territory of Russia, three children, two girls, and a boy were tending a herd of cows. In the afternoon they had lunch, and then the boy decided to take a nap, moving a little away from the herd and girls. He was awakened by a sharp whistle, …

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