Ascension: Your Journey Beyond Awakening

Into the Veil Oct 10, 2020 Journey with us to discuss Ascension and Ascension Symptoms. While these are just a number of the symptoms that can often be experienced during the process, they are perhaps the most common. As always, if your symptoms are persistent, seek the advice of a medical professional. Otherwise, feel free …

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UFOs, Disclosure & Ascension

  Jul 24, 2020 Peter Maxwell Slattery  @ ECETI July 2020 In this presentation via Zoom at the ECETI Ranch July 2020 SPIRIT SCIENCE & WORLD TRANSFORMATION CONFERENCE, Peter Maxwell Slattery, who is an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and has one of the most documented E.T contact cases covers topics such as… This Illusionary Reality …

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Memory of a Me in an Extraterrestrial Medical Pod

Holographic Medical Pods

In August 2019, in my present home, I had fallen asleep in my recliner while watching TV. Suddenly I woke up, the TV was off and I had the feeling of something  was about to happen. I raised my recliner up and then saw my female Grey guide on my left and she leaned over …

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