A Lifetime of Positive ET Contact, Disclosure – Nancy Thames, TSP 910

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Quantum Guides Show E148 Preston Dennett, Dolly Safran & Nancy Thames – ET CONTACTEE PANEL

I am very pleased to bring you my first panel in 2024 with Preston Dennett, Dolly Safran & Nancy Thames. We’d like you to join us as we discuss our ET Contact experiences. Preston Dennett is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON); he is also a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and …

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Nancy Thames – Time For Disclosure

Air Date – 20 December 2023 Many of us have had contact with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings. For some, the experience was frightening and traumatic. It was a pleasant learning experience for others,”  and almost “familial.” My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Nancy Thames, has a unique journey that began in her childhood. As …

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The Outer Realm welcomes Nancy Thames

  Nancy Thames, a former Department of Defense employee and a lifelong Contactee of extraterrestrial beings has emerged as a significant voice in alien disclosure and spiritual awakening. Her journey, marked by personal struggles, transformed profoundly through her continuous extraterrestrial encounters. These experiences, initially suppressed, were eventually embraced as Nancy began to understand their purpose …

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Nancy Thames: Time For Disclosure

Welcome Back Everyone! Today we have on Nancy Thames who talks about her childhood and lifetime E.T. visitations and being taken onboard crafts. She talks about her sons also being visited, the types of beings she met, about disclosure and how we are all One, her work with the DOD and so much more. Enjoy! …

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The LIFE of the Extraterrestrial Experiencer w/Nancy Thames

Not Alone w/ Nancy Thames

Nancy Thames discusses her lifelong contact with extraterrestrials.

The Extraterrestrial Enigma With Nancy Thames UNIDENTIFIED-S4 17.7K

ANTHONY & ANDY GREAT Conversation Tonight With NANCY!!The more we listen to others we will all piece it together & Really Find the TRUTH!!

A Lifetime of Postitive ET Contact, Disclosure – Nancy Thames, TSP 910