The LIFE of the Extraterrestrial Experiencer w/Nancy Thames

Arcturian Hybrid Talks About The Upcoming Planetary Changes

  Podcast guest 805 is Viviane Chauvet. Originally from Canada, Viviane is internationally recognized for her work as an advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar in a human projected form. Viviane’s healing practice and teachings inspire people to live in Universal Consciousness as sovereign Divine Beings. She specializes in multidimensional frequency healing, conscious channeling, soul matrix healing, …

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ANGELS & GUIDES Helped You Design Your SOUL PLAN — Find Out If You Can CHANGE It! | Rob Schwartz

Michael   Before you were born, you met with Angels, Guides, and a Council of Elders. You discovered the life you were to lead, the challenges you would face, and what you wanted to learn in this coming incarnation. In essence, your entire life plan. And now you’re living it, but chances are, it’s not …

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Bashar: Learning From Children

From Essassani W Bashar, the quasi-physical future human transitioning to 5th density, channeled by Darryl Anka gives us a thorough overview about what we can learn from our children, human or hybrid. The Five Universal Laws: 1. You exist 2. Everything is here & now 3. The One is All, the All is One 4. …

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