Nancy Thames – Time for Disclosure

Nancy Thames, a former Department of Defense employee turned lifelong contactee of extraterrestrial beings. From suppressed encounters to a profound transformation, Nancy shares her insights on extraterrestrial interactions and their implications for human evolution. Join her on, a platform advocating open dialogue about disclosure, where she unveils a philosophy of unity, spiritual evolution, and truth. Discover how Nancy challenges the notion of “abductions” and invites humanity to embrace our place within the larger galactic framework. It’s time for disclosure, and Nancy Thames is the voice leading the way.



3 thoughts on “Nancy Thames – Time for Disclosure”

  1. Just heard you speak on JeffMara. I’m 82 and in the year 2000 had such a wonderful dream of tall ETs who hugged me and when I woke up I had tears streaming down my face. As a toddler I also had at least one dream of ETs “checking me out.”

    I have two children born 22 years apart; my son is an aerospace engineer and his last government job was technical director for the DOD at Vandenberg AFB here in California. He is now working at Hassan AFB in Massachusetts as an independent contractor. My daughter helps her husband with his business, works part-time as property manager for a large church, and is starting in real estate as she just got her California license.
    I feel so blessed and protected.

    I have written and recorded piano music – 13 albums with the last three albums still to be uploaded. You can hear some of the music at and

    I enjoyed your talk on JeffMara very much and agree with you that humanity needs to grow up, and I believe we are…growing. You are inspirational and answered a few questions that I had. I hope many people will visit your website and will listen to your words.

  2. Dear Nancy,
    Thank you for the post & everything else that you’re doing currently in this path.
    Keep up the good work.
    I have also sent you an email few days ago, I thought I’ll mention it here as well in case it got lost amongst many other emails you probably get. I appreciate if you’ll be kind enough to leave me a reply.
    Keep it up

  3. The majority of what I remember is negative. I was constantly being shocked when I was a little child. As an adult , my memory is constantly being erased. What do you do for that?


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