UFO / Space Craft sighting in Tupelo, MS

Extraterrestrial star ship above Spring Lake Tupelo, MS

One evening, my oldest son and I found ourselves deep in conversation on our back porch in Tupelo, Mississippi, overlooking the serene Spring Lake Estates. The landscape was untouched, with cow farms dotting the surroundings and a looming silo across the road. As we talked, something extraordinary unfolded before our eyes. Gliding silently through the …

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What is this Entity I witnessed in Fort Mitchell, AL?

In 2013, while residing in Fort Mitchell, AL, I had a remarkable encounter on my back porch around 9:30 pm. A ghostly Entity, devoid of color or distinct features, calmly traversed my backyard. Despite its ethereal presence, I felt no fear or unease. Instead, I remained quietly observant, neither moving nor speaking as the Entity …

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My White Owl friend and the spiritual significance

The white owl signifies inner knowledge, psychic ability, clarity, family, sacrifice and illumination

The White Owl Meaning The owl is an indication of inner knowledge, psychic ability, clarity, family, sacrifice and illumination. It often indicates a prophecy or some type of fulfillment. In many cases, the owl is a sign of fresh starts, new beginnings and the need to move forward in life. Always take note of the …

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Stargazing in Australia and Cave drawings of Extraterrestrials by Ancient Civilizations in Australia

Cave drawings of extraterrestrial star travelers by the aboriginal people in Kakadu National Park

      Named after the illustrious soldier and astronomer, the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium has been a cherished destination for school tours and cosmic enthusiasts alike since its establishment in 1978. Situated in Key West, Florida, this celestial haven beckons visitors to explore the wonders of the universe in a captivating journey through space …

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ET Contact Experience and meeting the Elder Higher Interdimensional Dimensional Beings

    Vibrational Scan on Nancy Thames Throughout my life, I’ve been privileged to have multiple encounters with extraterrestrial beings, each leaving me with more questions than answers. Initially, these encounters puzzled me, leaving me grasping for understanding. However, with time, spiritual growth, and further experiences, I’ve begun to grasp the profound significance of these …

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Top UFO Movies to watch before Full Disclosure with Trailers

  Top UFO Movies to watch before Disclosure Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) War of the Worlds (1953) E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial  (1982) Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan (1982) Fire in  The Sky (1993) Adaptation/Docudrama Contact (1997) Cocoon (1985) Knowing (2009) Arrival (2016) Out on a Limb, TV Mini-Series (1987) … …

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Whales and Dolphins are fully Conscious Intelligent Beings

  My personal encounters with dolphins have been profoundly moving experiences, offering glimpses into the intelligence, love, and empathy these magnificent creatures possess. Twice, I had the privilege of interacting with trained dolphins in facilities in the Bahamas and Jamaica. As I entered the water, different pods of dolphins approached me, demonstrating a keen interest …

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