ET Contact Experience and meeting the Elder Higher Interdimensional Dimensional Beings

Projecting Love
Projecting Love



Vibrational Scan on Nancy Thames


I have many Contact Experiences with all kinds of Extraterrestrials during my life time, some after a vibration feeling and others like moving through a tunnel and ending up in a craft.

Have you ever been scanned while awake? The first most memorable one was when I was in my bed alone and suddenly felt a presence and kept my eyes shut. I was around 30, then suddenly I felt my covers pulled off me and a device scanned me up and down with a vibrational feeling neither pleasant nor non-pleasant. In about the same time frame I awoke flying up through my ceiling and I looked down and could see my bed and a  Extraterrestrial Guide who I have always claimed I refused to look at, however during a psychologist visit I said it was a female by saying I refused to look at her.  My psychologist quickly explained to me I referred to her as Female Being but apparently I was suppressing it , I didn’t realize I had said that or that I knew she was female ET, but she guided me to a craft where I met a tall Reptilian Humanoid wearing a uniform and we embraced hands. I ask him to please let me remember this Experience and he replied yes so I thanked him for letting me remember this. We briefly talked and he told me to get to work and I was guided to computers and others devices to work on after that I don’t recall much.  I have had many vibrational scans through out my life. As I was approaching near late thirties I started asking them questions and more questions and reaching out trying to touch them and keeping mental notes of what I was dressed in, what my surroundings looked like, etc. This is when I met the Higher Dimensional beings, the Elders. They are tall and very human looking and were very beautiful and gave me instructions on how to live and evolve and find my purpose in life.


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