Whales and Dolphins are fully Conscious Intelligent Beings


My personal encounters with dolphins have been profoundly moving experiences, offering glimpses into the intelligence, love, and empathy these magnificent creatures possess. Twice, I had the privilege of interacting with trained dolphins in facilities in the Bahamas and Jamaica. As I entered the water, different pods of dolphins approached me, demonstrating a keen interest and a desire to connect. Despite their trainers calling them back, my group of dolphins lingered, displaying affection and inviting me to touch them, ride on their backs, and share moments of pure joy.

Subsequent encounters with wild dolphins, one at Bribie Island in Queensland, Australia, and the other off Tybee Island in Georgia, further reinforced my appreciation for these remarkable beings. In the wild, they showed curiosity and interest in me, demonstrating their ability to distinguish individuals and connect on a deeper level. Though I initially hesitated to enter the water with them, fearing the unknown depths, their presence felt like making friends with gentle guardians of the sea.

Dolphins possess a remarkable ability to perceive our inner light through our vibratory rate and thought patterns. With their full consciousness, they can easily distinguish individuals and communicate with them, capturing snapshots of the diverse life forms they encounter. Their multidimensional eyesight allows them to navigate the vast expanse of the ocean and even perceive the stars in the sky, guiding them on their journeys.

While whales, with their majestic presence, mostly kept their distance during my diving and snorkeling adventures in Hawaii and the Sea of Cortez, their sheer size and grace left a lasting impression.

Swimming with dolphins remains one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have. Their playful nature and willingness to engage with humans underscore the profound bond we share with them. However, it’s essential to acknowledge our past mistakes in how we’ve treated these creatures and strive to cultivate a deeper respect and understanding for their intelligence, emotions, and natural habitat.

In recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings, may we continue to cherish and protect these marine ambassadors, fostering unity and harmony between humans and the wondrous creatures that share our planet.


By Nancy Thames

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  1. Hello! I read some sad news recently a dolphins by the name of winter recently died in captivity.I took a picture of winter with my computer and it seems a fitting monument to the dolphins in question.What is unique about this dolphins is that he had a surgically implanted tale and he was even featured in a movie.Its to bad this animal didn’t live long enough to know freedom again without a cage again.I wonder if this animal can be cloned and brought back to life with a real tail this time?I may never know the answer however its fitting that I speak about winter here perhaps my comments gives this dolphins immortality when I speak of him here.

  2. Hi! The picture or photo with the article attached to it reminds me of a scene from the movie,”Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!”One of my favorites for sure and I hope there are many more in the foreseeable future! Have a nice day and take care everyone!


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