Whales and Dolphins are fully Conscious Intelligent Beings

Dolphins Jumping
Dolphins Jumping

My personal experiences with dolphins happened twice while at a facility with trained dolphins in the Bahamas then in Jamaica. As I got into the water different schools of trained dolphins came to greet me and wanted to hang around me and their trainers were blowing whistles and calling them to their areas of human contact which they were placed in different areas for this event. Once they left to go back to their destinations my group of dolphins shared so much love and interest in me they invited my touch and let me ride on their backs and made me feel loved. Simple jumps with me and spun around me to be close and they all kissed me and rubbed their soft mushroom feeling body against me and I felt great love and compassion. I realized these are very special mammals put here on earth with so much love and compassion for humans and that they sense if we have similar thoughts are in us. My next experiences were with in the wild dolphins one at Bribie Island in Queensland Australia and the other was on Tybee island in Georgia off a marine research facility where I had the opportunity to engage with wild dolphins not in captivity and they showed an interest and curiosity in me. I fed them shrimp and talked and patted on the water as to say hello. I was reluctant to get in the water with them because I had no ideas of what the bottom or depth was and a bit of fear but they hung around for awhile but then left but it felt like I made a friends with these beautiful dolphins.

They can distinguish our Light through our vibratory rate and our matrix of colors and thought patterns. They can identify an individual person and can easily distinguish each from other brothers and sisters on land. They have this capability due to their full consciousness and are able to view the planet in all its many and varied layers of existence. They are like photographers, snapping pictures in their mind of all the different life forms with which they communicate.

With their multidimensional eyesight, they can see the stars no matter what time of day it is. Although they are confined to water, they “see” many kilometers out into space. This is how they navigate. They navigate through the oceans in daylight using their other senses for direction. At night they use the star patterns in the sky.

Whales stay to themselves mostly never got close enough to touch or engage with while diving and snorkeling in Hawaii and the Sea of Cortez in Baja on a Sailing Trip.

Swimming with Dolphins is the most exciting activity any human could do. They are very playful and love to engage with us. Truly the best experience I have ever had.


Dolphins Communicating
Dolphins Communicating

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  1. Hello! I read some sad news recently a dolphins by the name of winter recently died in captivity.I took a picture of winter with my computer and it seems a fitting monument to the dolphins in question.What is unique about this dolphins is that he had a surgically implanted tale and he was even featured in a movie.Its to bad this animal didn’t live long enough to know freedom again without a cage again.I wonder if this animal can be cloned and brought back to life with a real tail this time?I may never know the answer however its fitting that I speak about winter here perhaps my comments gives this dolphins immortality when I speak of him here.

  2. Hi! The picture or photo with the article attached to it reminds me of a scene from the movie,”Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!”One of my favorites for sure and I hope there are many more in the foreseeable future! Have a nice day and take care everyone!


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