What is this Entity I witnessed in Fort Mitchell, AL?

Spiritual or extraterrestrial entity sighting in Fort Mitchell, AL
Spiritual or extraterrestrial entity sighting in Fort Mitchell, AL

In 2013 while living in Fort Mitchell, AL , I was sitting on my back porch around 9:30 pm. I saw an Entity that was white, no color, no distinct features, just walking along my backyard for some reason. It did not scare or upset me, I just sat there quietly and never moved or said a word and it never looked or acknowledged me as it passed across the yard got to neighbors tree then disappeared, about after 10 mins I walked over to the tree and found nothing it just disappeared. I did some research and read that this ground that was now developed as a subdivision was once just fields and a battle had occurred during the Civil War and I believe this Entity or Apparition was a ghost from from that Era of The Civil War. The Entity appeared to be wearing a hat , carrying a bucket of some type and rifle with a sword attached to it. I would assume he has not found any closure to his experiences during the War. Which is very unfortunate. Just a lost Soul trying to find his way home. I was living  on the boarder line of Georgia where I worked for the Department of Defense Army Division as a Civilian Dental Assistant at Fort Benning, Georgia. Right next to Columbus Georgia and across the river from Columbus is Phenix City, Alabama. Boy does Phenix City, Alabama  have some history , Know as Alabama’s Sin city. There is a Military Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, Alabama which I checked out twice.Ward Family History of the South

Most likely this was a ghost or a interdimensional being looking for home or Base Camp. I lived very close to this Cemetery.

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Amazing event that I experienced hope you enjoy ! For some reason I was never afraid or even shocked.

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