What is this Entity I witnessed in Fort Mitchell, AL?

In 2013, while residing in Fort Mitchell, AL, I had a remarkable encounter on my back porch around 9:30 pm. A ghostly Entity, devoid of color or distinct features, calmly traversed my backyard. Despite its ethereal presence, I felt no fear or unease. Instead, I remained quietly observant, neither moving nor speaking as the Entity passed by. Remarkably, it seemed oblivious to my presence, continuing on its path until it reached a neighbor’s tree and vanished without a trace.

Intrigued by this inexplicable sighting, I delved into the history of the land, discovering that the area, now developed as a subdivision, was once a battlefield during the Civil War. It dawned on me that the Entity I had witnessed may have been a residual energy, a ghost from that tumultuous era. Clad in attire reminiscent of a Civil War soldier—a hat, carrying a bucket, and armed with a rifle and sword—it appeared as if this lost soul was still seeking closure from the traumas of war.

Living on the border of Georgia, adjacent to Fort Benning where I worked for the Department of Defense, I was no stranger to the region’s rich history. Across the river from Columbus, Georgia, lies Phenix City, Alabama, infamous for its colorful past as “Alabama’s Sin City.” The proximity to such historical landmarks, including a nearby Military Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, added another layer of intrigue to my encounter.

Reflecting on the nature of ghosts, it’s important to consider them as residual energies, remnants of past events imprinted on the fabric of time. While some may view ghosts with trepidation, my experience with this Entity was characterized by a lack of fear and an intuitive sense of naturalness. It seemed to exist in its own reality, unaware or unconcerned with my presence.

As I pondered the significance of this encounter, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of compassion for the lost soul I had witnessed. Perhaps it was searching for a sense of belonging or closure, forever bound to the land where its fate was sealed in battle. Whatever the case may be, the encounter left an indelible impression on me, a reminder of the interconnectedness of past and present, and the enduring echoes of history that linger in our midst.


By Nancy Thames

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