Discovery of these Mysterious Hominin Skulls in Australia could to Rewrite Human History!

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoverieohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries A growing number of ancient mystery hominin skulls have been found in Victoria. In one case (Kow Swamp) the skulls were reburied, thus denying any further research. Two years ago, several more, similar skulls were found in another location in Victoria, and are being examined by a team …

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Yowies & The Little People

Forgotten Origin: The Out of Australia Theory To an extent, the content and speakers in this presentation run in opposition to our intention to focus on one theme. This time around we are examining two Original issues which are not in the least related, but as both came onto the scene over the last month …

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Stargazing in Australia and Cave drawings of Extraterrestrials by Ancient Civilizations in Australia

Cave drawings of extraterrestrial star travelers by the aboriginal people in Kakadu National Park

      Named after the illustrious soldier and astronomer, the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium has been a cherished destination for school tours and cosmic enthusiasts alike since its establishment in 1978. Situated in Key West, Florida, this celestial haven beckons visitors to explore the wonders of the universe in a captivating journey through space …

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