ANGELS & GUIDES Helped You Design Your SOUL PLAN — Find Out If You Can CHANGE It! | Rob Schwartz


Before you were born, you met with Angels, Guides, and a Council of Elders. You discovered the life you were to lead, the challenges you would face, and what you wanted to learn in this coming incarnation. In essence, your entire life plan. And now you’re living it, but chances are, it’s not all you hoped it would be. So the question is, can you change it? In this exceptional interview with Past Life Regression expert Rob Schwartz, you’ll learn exactly what you can do and how. For the path you’re walking today was created with an alchemy of magic with yourself, God, Angels, and Guides before you physically stepped foot on the planet! And even with the struggles we all face on the physical plane, your guides want you to vibrate on the highest frequency possible (and you can, no matter what place you’re in now!). So watch this, and learn how to take control of your destiny!



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