Alien Message to Mankind , Do You Wish That We Show Up?

Alien Message

Analyzing the thousands of documents through which contacts with extraterrestrial beings have been verified, it can be deduced that there are five types of messages that “they” want to spread: The First Ecology: Space visitors tell their contactees that humanity is corrupting everything, that the seas and oxygen are being contaminated with chemical and industrial …

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Commander Valiant Thor

Valiant Thor

Valiant Thor, an off-world visitor who came to Earth, helds a higher perspectives of humanity. Unlike many other extraterrestrials visiting our planet, Valiant Thor was very photogenic and not camera shy. It was what he had to offer that truly intrigued government officials who invited him to stay. Valiant Thor is an immortal who resides …

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Underwater UFO and Bases


Underwater bases are the sort of thing that most would associate with science fiction. The ISS has been around so long it’s sort of mundane, but underwater bases have a mysterious allure to them. The added fear of drowning, of gargantuan undiscovered sea creatures. Aquarius Reef base sits 5.4 miles offshore of Key Largo, Florida. …

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23 Soldiers Turned To Stone By UFO After It Was Shot At – CIA Report Confirms (On Their Website)

Russian Soldier

Probably one of the most strangest and creepiest OFFICIAL UFO/Alien reports (on the CIA’s website) which has been released out into the public domain.  A top secret CIA report claims a troop of Russian soldiers gunned down a UFO only to be ‘turned into stone by the surviving aliens’ – and no this isn’t a made up story! …

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Many problems we now face on Earth could be solved with Extraterrestrial Technology. Extraterrestrial Technology would benefit all fields of science and create solutions to dealing with key issues on our beloved planet. If you could go anywhere in the blink of an eye where would you go? In our daily lives all human beings …

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Hollywood’s UFO Stories Are Becoming Way More Realistic The Pentagon admits UFOs are real. So Hollywood is making a flurry of movies and TV shows about how we should look for them.

Project Blue Book

Hollywood’s UFO Stories Are Becoming Way More Realistic The Pentagon admits UFOs are real. So Hollywood is making a flurry of movies and TV shows about how we should look for them. UFOs are everywhere, and Hollywood has noticed. Talking about UFOs is no longer fringe, with former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge getting the U.S. …

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Extraterrestrial Encounter While Camping Near Lexie Crossroads

      When I was a child my parents acquired some land in Franklin County Tn off Lexie Crossroads. It was amazing with a creek and woods. We went there often when I was young. We cut down blackberry bushes and high grass on a flat plateau, with a creek near and hills with …

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America’s First UFO Sighting

English colonist John Winthrop

On March 1, 1639, John Winthrop opened his diary in which he recorded the trials and triumphs of his fellow Puritans as they made a new life in America. As the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony put pen to paper, he began to recount a most unusual event that had recently caused a stir …

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Dominion. : The Last Star Warrior

Phoenix Lights

On the eve of a full-scale invasion by an intergalactic warrior race, an observer named Jaelen (Travis Hammer) from a peaceful and sympathetic star federation searches to find and rescue the human woman he fell in love with. Robert Casey (Barry Lynch), a retired US Intelligence agent turned UFO investigator, races to discover what the …

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