Mysterious Stargate Found In Portugal

Origins Explained Stargate is a name Americans came to know in the 1990s, first as the name of a television series concerning a doorway that allowed instantaneous travel between planets in different star systems. Then in 1995, the U.S. government announced that it had been carrying on secret parapsychological research, the last phase of which …

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The Thiaoouba Prophecy – An ET Revelation – Part One

Emerging Truths In 1987, french author Michel Desmarquet was abducted by Thiaooubans, an ET race, and taken to their planet for a 9-day visit. Their goal was to have him write a book about everything they told him. Although recently passed on, the author was visited twice by our guest, Samuel Chong, a Chinese translator …

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Iargan Alien Race


Iargan   “The Iargan extraterrestrial race comes from the planet Iarga, which is a green planet with a population 100 times larger than ours. The diameter and mass of Iarga, are much greater than the Earth’s. The Iargan alien beings are very evolved and spiritual, and highly technologically developed.” Not familiar with this race at …

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