The Immortality Machine

Ancient Aliens – The Immortality Machine History Channel, Season 15 Episode 8 14th March 2020 Recent researches shows that ʻOumuamua an alien asteroid came from Pleiades. Could this evidence proves that why so many ancient civilizations point to the beings that came from the Pleiades. Pleiadians may have visited Earth in distant past. Review A …

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Lyran Feline Race: Lion People

Lyran Race

Lyran Associated with the star system Lyra, these ancient beings are feline in appearance. They descended from nonphysical beings from a completed universe, at the invitation of the creators of this universe. These spirits evolved into physical form as cat-like creatures, then evolving into more humanoid creatures. A long long time ago, there was a …

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Me on the Moon with the Nordic and Grey’s

Me on the Moon with the Nordic's and Grey's

I have always enjoyed my Contacts. This was a really cool experience with the Greys and a male Nordic that took me to the Moon. I didn’t get to stay for very long. The ride back and forth was extraordinary. The pilot was very nice and we communicated a lot. He was more humanoid, a …

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