Mysterious Stargate Found In Portugal

Stargate is a name Americans came to know in the 1990s, first as the name of a television series concerning a doorway that allowed instantaneous travel between planets in different star systems. Then in 1995, the U.S. government announced that it had been carrying on secret parapsychological research, the last phase of which had been given the name Project STAR GATE. Not as well-known, in 1991 Mark Roberts (1934-), an independent spiritual searcher, found what he had termed the real Stargate, an ancient painting of the constellation Pleiades located at the entrance to a cave. He believes the painting to be a presentation of a cosmic-portal. The painting seems to connect decades of studies in archeology of Egypt, an ancient alphabet (Ogham), and ancient symbols of the Pleiades. The portal seems to point toward ancient visitors to Earth. The real Stargate provides a mental doorway to step into a new consciousness where massive amounts of materials may be connected, mysteries of the ancient past solved, and contact with extraterrestrials established.

Roberts grew up in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl era. He had several experiences, which he now interprets as extraterrestrial contacts, but then interpreted as a call to the ministry. After two years as a Methodist minister, he left to become an archeologist. His life traveling the world on archeological digs allowed him to pursue his search for what he had come to see as the spirituality he believed lay behind and contrasted with the religious establishment.

He also was able to study with Arch Druid Thomas Maughn and Margaret Lumley Brown, an associate of Dion Fortune, founder of the Fraternity of the Inner Light. In the early 1970s he was led to Dianic Wicca, that form of contemporary Witchcraft that most emphasized feminism. He also changed occupation within television. Over the next quarter of a century, he moved from cameraman to stage manager to director in television programming.

Since his discovery of the Stargate, and the announcement of it at a meeting of the Mutual UFO Network in 1992, Roberts has invited others to share the Quest, especially those drawn by the keys and symbols pictured on the Stargate. From the contemplation of the Stargate, research during the 1990s reached a set of conclusions that now serves as a base for future development. Roberts believes that Earth has been visited many times, from the distant past to the present, by visitors from the Pleiades and Sirius. The set of actual artifacts denoting Sirius and the Pleiades tie together the archeology of the ancient world with the extraterrestrial presence. That presence had a primarily positive effect. The extraterrestrials made judgments about human behavior and offered positive guidelines for human evolution.



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