My White Owl friend and the spiritual significance

The white owl signifies inner knowledge, psychic ability, clarity, family, sacrifice and illumination

The White Owl Meaning The owl is an indication of inner knowledge, psychic ability, clarity, family, sacrifice and illumination. It often indicates a prophecy or some type of fulfillment. In many cases, the owl is a sign of fresh starts, new beginnings and the need to move forward in life. Always take note of the …

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Stargazing in Australia and Cave drawings of Extraterrestrials by Ancient Civilizations in Australia

Cave drawings of extraterrestrial star travelers by the aboriginal people in Kakadu National Park

SIR THOMAS BRISBANE PLANETARIUM, MT COOT-THA, QUEENSLAND Named after the soldier and astronomer who gave our fair city its name, the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium has been a favorite school tour spot since 1978. You’ve been — we all have — and it’s definitely worth another visit, even if you’re well out of class. But unlike …

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ET Contact Experience and meeting the Elder Higher Interdimensional Dimensional Beings

    Vibrational Scan on Nancy Thames   I have many Contact Experiences with all kinds of Extraterrestrials during my life time, some after a vibration feeling and others like moving through a tunnel and ending up in a craft. Have you ever been scanned while awake? The first most memorable one was when I …

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Top UFO Movies to watch before Full Disclosure with Trailers

  Top UFO Movies to watch before Disclosure Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) War of the Worlds (1953) E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial  (1982) Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan (1982) Fire in  The Sky (1993) Adaptation/Docudrama Contact (1997) Cocoon (1985) Knowing (2009) Arrival (2016) Out on a Limb, TV Mini-Series (1987) … …

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Whales and Dolphins are fully Conscious Intelligent Beings

My personal experiences with dolphins happened twice while at a facility with trained dolphins in the Bahamas then in Jamaica. As I got into the water different schools of trained dolphins came to greet me and wanted to hang around me and their trainers were blowing whistles and calling them to their areas of human …

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Contact Has Begun!

Contact: It’s On Us WE are preparing ourselves for contact. This is not happening through someone else, it’s a collective phenomenon that is simply the next stage of humanity’s journey. As our consciousness continues to shift, through us truly doing our own questioning, changing our own patterns, habits, thoughts, and actions, we will begin to …

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