Scientists Submit Actual Proof Aliens Are Watching You Right Now

We are Watching

Well they seem to know about us
Well they seem to know about us

Scientists have released proof that aliens are watching you right now, and it’s called the “Zoo Theory”. If you’ve never heard of the “Zoo Theory” before then this amazing video will explain how humanity is being watched by extraterrestrial life forms in the far reaches of outer space. Sounds like a bad sci-fi movie, but you’ll thank us for preparing you for when the Aliens do show up.

The fact that this video was made in January and they were talking about aliens quarantining us is a bit freaky.

This is interesting because I am of this mindset. I do not believe that everything that has ever been on this planet is simply a process of evolution. Evolution does not explain enough. We think in terms of time as we know it. We also know about relativity. Maybe the aliens were not here that long ago but they came from such a distance away that millions of years pass before each visit. What is a year to us maybe a second or less to them? No, it seems highly improbable that we are alone. Arrogance allows most of us to think this way but I highly doubt it. This whole planet resembles one huge experiment. Everything is consumed in time. Everything is in search of energy. Most species on the planet are here for a reason or role. It is interesting that we are the only species that have a choice. Once you move beyond the religious dogma and political propaganda you can begin to clearly see things are not as we are led to believe. At some point, we will realize that the universe is teeming with life. That our own galaxy has incredible variations of more advanced and less advanced life. Time will tell.

We are the change the world has been waiting for!

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  1. Hello! Of course aliens are watching us especially our ET creators the Elohim but first we must signal to them that we are ready for mass first contact.Tomorrow or actually today depending on your concept of time will be ET embassy day and the following day a plan will be presented to build a future embassy for ET and most importantly our ET creators the Elohim! I hope some progress can be made this year while the powers that be keep putting it off and putting it off.I have no video to watch recognizing this time in our history only a wish that it be done without hesitation and a lack of fear in the process.So let’s get to work and build it already and from the paradism mindset it would be a good idea to program robotic workers to do the job and finish it.I’ve got one last comment to make not about the embassy but about supposedly robots killing people this supposed story supposedly came from Japan however I consider this news to be anti-technology fake news.There is a lot of that out there and the powers that be or were know full well that someday robots and computers will evolve to the point where human run governments will not be needed.The temptation to program and build robots and computers to eliminate the need for humans to work or need money will be to tempting to put off any longer.May the month of this month of May bring us one step closer to a paradism reality!


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