Meet Karen – Sofie Thorstensen A Contactee

Well, it went on for just over 20 years – and filled 5 books … so a lot to tell.
Some where like small light beings – happy and dancing… other were about our size and even if I could see them, they were not physical like us. It took 12 years before I could see them with my eyes – but in all that time strange, scary and marvelous things happened around me – mostly at night. I have shared some of it in regular UFO groups – and it has not been received well – AT ALL. it seems like the UFO groups are divided in those who only want the physical sightings and proof (which is marvelous) and the others that have a different approach – like me.
Some of them were tall, dressed in white robes – other smaller and “naked” … or in tight uniforms. The strangest alien I saw was standing one meter away from me on the floor. He was dressed in a military uniform – from top to bottom…. (it reminded me of the uniforms that the Germans used during the war) That was unsettling – as his face looked like a crocodilian .. he disappeared in a flash when he saw that I could see him. Hope he don’t come back. I also talked telepathically to them – but not with every connection we had. Thank you for letting me join the group. 

I did see a Mantis one time – he came with two small beings. He stood really close to my bed and put his hands under m❤y feet and over my head. I felt no evil – just a good feeling. Oh boy did he look like a Mantis!
I have also been taken out of my body and out in the universe – and while I was away the operated on my hip! I had lots of trouble walking, but the next day I walked just fine. Long story. Yes, I did feel pain … but seemed distance~ Karen-Sofie Thorstensen



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