Your Mission – Your Reason For Being On This Plane


“Before you were born, you were a being of light who wanted to come to this Earth in order to live on it and, through your experience, evolve spiritually. In this place that we call Heaven or Paradise, there are different levels of spiritual evolution and each one must fulfill different missions in order to grow and elevate our spirit to a higher level. Therefore, when you requested permission to enter a physical body, God granted it to you. We are truly privileged to be here and now at this time of changes in the energies of Mother Earth because not all souls were allowed to come and many who did come were not allowed to live the Principle of the New Cosmic Cycle. That is why many souls are returning Home before this change happens… and there will be many others coming back very soon.

Well, when you happily received permission to enter a physical body, you were assigned a group of guides and protectors. You were assigned not one but two guardian angels. One is the one who knows your full potential and the one who always pushes you: “do this”, “help here”, “don’t go there”, etc. The other, he is softer and more tender and is the one who comforts you when you are sad or when you feel lonely or disappointed. In addition to these two guardian angels who accompany you from the moment you were conceived, you were assigned various guides and teachers. Everyone, together with you, planned a general scheme of your life based on the events that you had to live in order to learn what will make you ascend when you return Home and to help others to evolve spiritually or take care of and improve the planet.

In those moments, you decide which gender you will take to better develop the abilities and skills that you will need for your spiritual growth, that is, if you will be a man or a woman. Also, it is you yourself who chooses your father and mother who will teach you just what you will need to learn. In other words, you choose which family you will live in.

All together, in a Celestial Support Team exclusively for you, they elaborated a General Plan (or Divine Plan) in which certain events would necessarily happen ensuring growth of your soul, learning and spiritual evolution and it is guaranteed that you would be fully supported to achieve it. . It was not a very precise plan because there would be many factors that would intervene in the moment of life as a human being such as the use of your free will and being exposed to all kinds of material influences but your guides would make sure that what was planned, somehow it would happen. Also, they included two or three ages in which you could decide to return Home or stay on Earth for another time. It is about those events in which we have a serious illness or an accident in which you do not explain to yourself how you survived and in which for a few moments in another level of consciousness we are asked if we are ready or if we want to stay for a while longer. . The angels say: “Who said that all humans should live 90 years?” It is not about reaching a certain age to be ready but about having fulfilled our life purpose to return. However, many people prefer to stay longer to live with their earthly family.

When you are a spiritual being, a being of light, the vibration you have is very high. However, when your essence goes down to inhabit a physical body, the vibration of the physical is very low, therefore, much of your essence cannot vibrate at that low frequency and it is not that you stop being yourself but rather Somehow all that knowledge that you have without your physical body inhibits it from entering matter. That is why it happens that we “forget” who we are and “forget” what we know but, as we evolve in our spirituality, we “remember” who we are and what we came to and what we know. For example, when certain information is revealed to you, you, deep down, “already knew it.” In a way, this very thing that you are reading “you already knew”, right? we are only removing the veils that matter has put over us and we remember who we are and where we come from.

Well, once you have formed your team of guides and spiritual companions; Established the values and lessons that you have to learn and practice, you launch into the world and enter a tiny physical body made up of just two cells inside the womb … and never … you will never be alone … you were never alone … they are with you right now, at this very moment, and they will continue to be with you until your physical body can no longer host you and it is time to leave it and return to that space of Divine Light where your Guides and your Angels will give you a Last Hug by surrendering to God.

Your life purpose or mission is the most important part of finding yourself and when we find our life purpose, we feel much peace … we find our place in this world in such a way that our whole life takes full meaning. What is your life purpose? What is your mission? Each and every one of us has an equally important mission on this Earth. When we work on it, our whole life heals. We feel happier, healthier. Even our finances are improving! Everyone’s mission has the same underlying foundation of LOVE. In essence we are all here to learn, remember and teach this powerful emotion. When we choose the path of love, we grow spiritually, help others, and balance our karma.

The question in relation to our life purpose relates to what form your path of love will take. If you will be a healer, teacher, artist, parent, doctor or something else. When we plan our coming to Earth, we also ensure that we will continue our path as an instrument of love choosing the correct profession or activity that would lead us to fulfill our Life Plan.

This was implemented as a mechanism to ensure that we would recognize that Mission and it is WHAT WE LIKE TO DO THE MOST. That which makes you happy, that you are passionate about, that you always want to do, that you can spend hours and hours doing and continue to enjoy… that is YOUR MISSION… What do you like to do the most? To teach? Caring for children or the elderly or the sick? The plants? Animals? Paint? Sing? Make music? Investigate? Invent machinery? To cook? Write? look … that’s where your mission is in this life. That is why it is said that God sent you into this life to be HAPPY … of course! Through doing what makes you happy, you will fulfill your purpose for having come! Isn’t that gorgeous? Worthy of an Absolutely Omnipotent and Loving Creator.

So listen to your Inner Guide and check what you like to do the most and DO IT! dedicate yourself to it. If doing so implies drastic changes in your life and you are worried about where the economic resources could come from to be able to carry it out and keep yourself from it, remember that you can ask your angels for help to show you the way and they will gladly show you a step to the time to achieve it. Your answers can also be found in your Inner Being, if you know how to listen to it. Archangel Michael knows what it means to fulfill your life purpose and that of everyone. He is the supervisor of life missions just like the conductor of an orchestra who ensures that all musicians play their part. You can ask for help and guidance.

As one of the musicians in the orchestra, you are essential and your participation is as important as everyone else’s. Each of us has a role in the Creator’s Peace Plan. Fortunately, your life purpose involves activities and topics in which you are already interested and, if you still do not identify what they are, ask someone who knows you and loves you. This person has observed what excites you the most and from there you can go to find it. When you find it and dedicate yourself to carrying it out, you will find that it is so exciting and rewarding that you will wake up in the morning full of energy and vigor, ready to continue doing it. Abundance and prosperity will surround you and flow into you because you will be spending a lot of time in this effort and your excitement for doing it will make you an expert in the field. ”

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