Manifesting Through The Sacred Heart


It is time for you to begin to open up to your own manifesting abilities. Manifesting is a natural a part of your divine abilities to develop in this lifetime, on this earth plane. You have forgotten who you are and what you are capable doing. The ability to manifest is something you have forgotten about, something you need to remember. The ability to manifest is your natural gift that you have and have always had. This process of remembering is not learning anything new, but an awakening of yourself and taking back power, moving toward yourself and opening up into this ability to manifest.

Manifesting involves taking back the responsibility to co-create your life and taking responsibility in receiving your creation. It is an understanding that you deserve to have abundance in your life as a part of your natural birthright so that you can now open up to receive the life you want to create for yourself.

Not having enough is one of the biggest illusions of the third-dimensional plane. Your belief in “lack” keeps you in a powerless place. You have being playing this victim role for lifetimes. Now it is time to wake up and to claim your right to manifest now. When I talk about abundance on all levels I refer to:

>Financial abundance: You have a right to all the financial abundance that you wish. Know that your abundance has nothing to do with anyone else’s natural abundance; you cannot take too much. Your abundance is unlimited; each one of you decides when you are ready to receive this abundance for yourselves.

>Physical health: Your physical health plays an important part in the quality of life that you can lead. Part of the manifesting process is manifesting healthy cells, so that you can be physically strong, and your cells can and will vibrate with a new alignment to the light of the Self, and be a part of the universal pulse or heartbeat. As this new alignment begins to take place, there will be a new sense of well-being within your body.

>Emotional abundance of love: Create an abundance of love in your life, to be able to receive the love and support of the universe as well as opening up to loving relationships with other people-relationships with people that are balanced with respect, and anchored with deep connections through the heart. Part of the manifesting process is to bring you into an alignment with these energetics so that you can begin to draw these deep connections of the heart toward yourself.

All manifestation is done through a connection to your sacred heart. You have worked with many processes to clear the heart, align with the heart, and begin to consciously live through the heart. Now you are ready to become a conscious co-creator of your world It’s a huge step, and it brings such freedom to you. Through your sacred heart you are going to connect with your passion and your heart’s desire. It’s important that as you open up to what it is that you want to create in your life, that you also open up to receive the living energetic of your creation. You must receive this “living energetic of your creation” through your sacred heart. By “your living energetic of your creation” I mean that whatever you want to create, whatever you wish for yourself, has an energetic pattern to it. It’s a living energetic. So once you know what your creation will be, you will notice its energetic pattern. You may sense this energy, see this energy, or feel this energy. It does not matter how it presents itself to you. All things that are created begin with this living energetic. Once it is established it can be anchored on this earth plane. Your manifestation process activates this living energetic. As you design what you want for yourself, an energetic blueprint is formed within the Universe. And as you bring your consciousness to that blueprint and bring it into your sacred heart, it becomes activated-a living energetic. Then it becomes possible for it to anchor in a physical form in your life.

It takes courage to open to this energy, because its activation connects to the passion of your heart. It is alive, and you are going to have to meet this passionate energy through your heart as it is created. It’s as though the heart begins to get excited as you begin to live with this new energy of the activation of your passion. The heart actually expands with the energy of your creation, and there is a new part of your life force that moves through the cells of the heart. This energy is the light of the Self. The heart is going to go through rapid transformation, and there is a quickening throughout the body as the manifesting begins to be activated.

These are the steps you need to take to enter this process:

1. The most important first step is to look carefully, in close detail, at the life you are now living. This is the life you have created for yourself up to this point.

2. You need to own your creation. This means you need to take responsibility for your creation. Until you are willing to take responsibility for past creations, you will not be able to begin manifesting a new blueprint for your future. It is essential that you own what you have created and to own every piece.

3. Begin actively participating in your life, reviewing what you have created for yourself moment by moment. The clarity of why you have created certain situations comes from the connection of the Self through the heart, knowing that you needed each experience, and that each experience has brought you to this very moment. You need to be open to all the parts you played in your creation and the lessons your creation has brought to you.

4. Then you need to give thanks to yourself for the teaching you have received, and the lessons you have learned. Give thanks for what you have created and acknowledge yourself for needing these experiences.

5. You need to spend time being with this creation of yours, holding yourself with compassion, love, and patience as you take the time to fully examine what you have been living and what you created for yourself up to this point. This is a very powerful step, and it’s important not to rush the process. Some of it may be painful, but don’t push away from the pain; just breathe and allow yourself to visit each moment. Each piece, in each moment, needs to be held in a very sacred way. Feel yourself, feel the journey, and breathe.

Once you have reviewed your life, hold your sacred heart with your hand and allow yourself to open to your heart’s desire for your life now. Feel the areas of your life that need to change-the areas you have created for yourself that no longer serve you. You can make the changes now. Be aware you do not have to do this on your own. You are in the flow of the light of the Self through the sacred heart. You can let go, and allow that aspect of Self to assist you in opening up those opportunities and new experiences to you that you are ready for now.

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