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The Yahyel are benevolent aliens from E.T. lore that allegedly descends from the Lyran family of races in the cosmos similar to humans, and have an intense interest in our species. In fact, out of all the supposed aliens that interact with Earth and possess affection for humanity, the Yahyel are probably the foremost in that category. They wish to be the first to openly present themselves before all civilizations of Earth, and introduce themselves as our galactic cousins. Because according to this alien lore all races of the cosmos that descend from the Lyra constellation are genetic family members, humans being among them.


According to this E.T. lore, this is where human DNA comes from

However, the Yahyel are not insanely ancient like other alien races such as the Arcturians or the Syrians but are still part of the same intergalactic family. It’s fascinating to note where their great love and obsession with humanity stems from because they consider human beings to be their creators and parents. This is because our DNA was used to create them and is the majority of their hybrid genetic code. In Yahyel E.T. lore, the Earth human template is one of the most versatile and adaptive races in the universe (which is apparently why aliens love our DNA so much and like to abduct us).

The appearance of  Yahyel aliens is very similar to humans because they’re a hybrid of us, but still visually distinct from us. They vary in appearance significantly just like people on Earth with different shades of skin, eye color, ext. They’re a very graceful race, with every movement smooth and purposeful. The Yahyel’s most notable difference from humans in their appearance is their large, vibrant eyes with huge pupils that vary in unique abstract colors. Though they are naturally shorter than humans with smaller ears, thinner lips, and only four toes, but are the most humanlike in physical appearance other than another alien race known as the Pleiadians.

Though Yahyel are very similar to humans in appearance, the distinction is still apparent

Now, just why human DNA was taken to make them, and the reason they are openly in the galactic community and not humans is not known. And just how exactly did a younger race than humans become more technologically advanced by a rediculous scale? Well, according to some, it’s because of the karmic shockwave from the fall of Atlantis and a large part of humanity betraying the other Lyran races by willingly serving the conquest obsessed Reptillians. Apparently, Earth is analogous to being in quarantine and at the center of an intergalactic cold war. This is pretty fascinating to think about as to why aliens do not openly engage with humans of Earth. We’re in some sort of dark age regression and suffering from not only technological loss but spiritual consequences as well. The human failure that caused the fall of Atlantis allegedly stained humanity’s karmic Earthy incarnations ever since. Our advanced interstellar civilization collapsing into a primitive world.

The Yahyel hold none of that dark history against humans though, as well as all the other Lyran races. They all wish to one day welcome us back amongst the stars when we’ve finally overcome our darkness. It’s theorized the Yahyel simply never fell from grace as humanity did, and this is why they are so much more advanced than their parent species, us humans.

The fall of Atlantis

The Yahyel have a healthy balanced relationship with their technology. Never allowing it to damage their homeworlds or the well being of the population. Pregnancy in Yahyel women is basically the same as humans, lasting around 7-8 months. In Yahyel society, they eat, sleep, dream, and value life and the present moment together. They rarely engage in delights life has to offer alone. This E.T. race lives on two planets similar to Earth but has never shared their names or location in the cosmos with contactees. Though they have said their homeworlds are quite close in interstellar travel to Earth.

The Yahyel value harmony, balance, and inner peace as the driving cultural influence behind their civilization. One of their greatest desires is for humanity to remember who they are and the heights of achievement we’ve risen to in our beyond ancient past. When they finally make open relations with us on Earth, they will share their history, our forgotten history, where we come from, and how we got there. The Yahyel want to be the ones to teach us timeless knowledge about the universe and help guide us in taking our first steps back into the stars.

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2 thoughts on “YahYel Race”

  1. Hello! You’ve mentioned a lot of detail and answered a lot of questions in regards of this race but the most important one of all is are these ET’s atheists?If there not than we’ve got a problem and their knowledge can’t be accepted as true unless they demonstrate it with their so-called advanced technology.Concrete scientific evidence must be provided using the scientific method or something close to that.In typing out my response a thought has come to mind or something I heard or read about in regards to secret agreements with ET’s behind the scenes it seems very obvious to me that a agreement that makes the Elite happy with them is a exchange of technology and abducting human beings for experimental purposes.As a Raelian I would be more happy with ET’s that refuse to give us technology and they would only give us technology if it collasped the economy and gave us paradism obviously the establishment as it were wpuld say we refuse your help if it topples us from power like for instance are reliance on fossil fuels as such.In summary good for the elite establishment and bad for humanity or good for humanity and bad for the establishment.I think you know what side I would chose and if the elite are unhappy with human Elohim potential than I’am happy end of story and for humaity beginning for a new age for humanity a paradism age to be exact!

  2. Hello! I just wanted to do a follow up on what I posted recently and talk about our kinship with the alien race mentioned in this post.It seems obvious to me that are extended galactic family members are connected to us by means of using DNA over and over again.We can gather from the Raelian message or creation story that the key to creating life is by use of DNA after all that is how the Elohim created life on Earth including human life and whether you’ve heard it or not from the Elohim a alien race created the Elohim in the same manner.I’am sure it can be traced back into eternity with no real beginning middle or end.Life creates life and so on and so on.The moment of creation is spread throughout the cosmos in the same way the Elohim did for life and humanity in general.Now that a observance day of Earth day approaches us we should not overlook the Earth like planets throughout the cosmos.Based on what the Elohim told Rael the same process would be continuous that counting how many times life has been created becomes a waste of time in itself however creating life in a science lab never gets old no matter where you are in the universe and definitely hybrid races coming from human DNA no doubt will be expected whether its behind the scenes or right in front of us.When we follow in the Elohim’s footsteps we will be repeating a creation cycle that perhaps goes back billions of years in the infinity of time and space which by the way the Elohim said space and time are truly infinite and by listening to a podcast scientists on Earth have proven that what Rael was saying was right all along.May the cycle of creation continue Elohim style!


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