Blue Avian Aliens, Everything You Wanted to Know

Blue Avians
Blue Avians

Blue Avians

Blue Avians are multidimensional beings that act as guides for those who wish to protect life and grow through the path of love and life. They are architects and protectors of life, some of our strongest and most peaceful protectors.

“The Blue Avians, are a peaceful ancient race, that has come into our Solar system, inside Spherical Ships, billions of years ago. The Blue Avians extraterrestrial species exists beyond the confines of space and time. It is believed that these creatures have visited Earth for millennia, aiding in the spiritual development of humankind and helping to shift the consciousness of our species for the good of all. Corey Goode is one of the main contactees of the Blue Avians, also known as the Sphere Alliance. According to Corey, they have recently returned to our planetary system, to aid us in our ascension process. The third dimensional forms of this beings, are said to be blue and humanoid, at eight foot tall, and birdlike in appearance, with bright, indigo-blue feathers. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Blue Avians, is their higher density, and extra-dimensional abilities. While these beings do appear physically as blue, bird-like creatures, this is only one aspect of their dimensional nature, perhaps adopted to bring comfort to beings within our density. When they do choose to materialize in physical space, they appear as humanoid creatures, with bird-like heads, beaks, and blue feathers.”

Beautiful Species, they are blessed and should not be fearful to the human eye. Humans will Gaze in amazement!

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6 thoughts on “Blue Avian Aliens, Everything You Wanted to Know”

  1. For years I have asked many people if they believe in aliens and most say no and just looking up at the infinite sky and thinking if we are the most intelligent life out there it would be a very sad universe and looking around the world at what happens all the greed and violence its just horrible so I thought to myself this is why they don’t come here we are like children throwing tantrums and being selfish

  2. 👋 So i astral projected to the blue avian world into a Blue avian breeding or possibly a human hybrid of blue avian. It was a little upset because I’ve never Astral projected into an alien body on a different planes and wanted to come back to my body but became fascinated with the alien body, exploring its nooks and crannies. I discovered a pouch of little jelly balls? Another being told me I have to surrender them because I’m not a12? That everyone has to surrender them until they become a 12. Does anyone have information about this topic? I had a maternal instinct to protect the jelly balls and felt reluctant to give them over. I could feel the being who’s body I inhabited was bothered by the idea that they have to surrender them and she took back control of the body. I am now along for the ride. She exclaimed “I am jenova of Ava (?) and I declare that no longer will we surrender our children!” It was very intense and the uncomfortableness sent me back to my body. I woke up drenched and freezing shivering cold. This wasn’ta dream it was an astral projection. Any idea what the deal is with being a 12? Or why they would make you surrender your embryo unless you’rea12?

    • Angel number 12 is a symbol of extraterrestrial order. It might seem odd, but every number is associated with a deeper meaning than what you might have thought of it. The number 12, is a number whose meaning is associated with the individual meanings of the number 1 and 2.
      To understand the meaning, you need to understand the individual meanings of the number 1 and 2. Number 1, as we all know is the first number on our number list. It is associated with new beginnings, self-motivation, and self-reliance.

      Basically, it revolves around the idea of bringing new challenges and new opportunities in your life for you. Number 2, however, is associated with your faith and belief. It depicts your purpose on Earth and the reason that God sent you into this world.

      It also focuses on peace, harmony, and duty. The meaning of angel number 12 is one that connects to your purpose in life! Through understanding the meaning of the angel number 12, you can learn to view life in a more positive way.

      Learn to attribute positivity to negative situations. Be sure to trust your intuition when exploring what this number represents. You can learn more about angel number 12 by contacting your Guardian Angel!
      Nancy Thames

  3. I been following this ufo and extraterrestrial phenomena since I was 10 years old and I’m now 72. As much as I believe there is something extraordinary going on it never seems to come to fruition. Always promises of assisting the human race move to a more spiritual awareness but nothing “appears” to happen. A bit frustrating to say the least especially now when the planet is in extreme danger of melting down. Frustrating!


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