Why Did the Anunnaki Leave Our Planet?

ime now humanity has asked themselves why the ancient Anunnaki did leave our planet as despite the fact that they were ruling over our planet 445,000 years ago they still appeared to leave us be soon after for no discernible reason.

According to Zecharia Sitchin however, the truth is staring us right in the face as he began depicting what he states he’s uncovered so far in his book The End of Times.

Here is where he talks about the Second Pyramid War which was an internal battle between the conquerors Inanna and Ishtar who were already controlling Africa and Egypt and Marduk, the original builder of Babylon and the Tower of Babel.

At the time Marduk was trying to build the tower as a spaceport between Nibiru and Earth but he was stopped in his tracks as Ishtar waged war on him.

The Second Pyramid War effectively broke out that moment with a great number of cities and structures being blown to smithereens during this time period including Sumer and the Sinai Peninsula spaceport.

Marduk ended up winning this conflict which resulted in Marduk effectively taking control of most of Ishtar’s cities as Ishtar alongside her followers were forced to leave Earth.

In 556 BC, however, Marduk was yet again challenged this time by the High priestess of Sin who ended up winning their war effectively putting her son Nabonidus as the rightful ruler of Babylon and banishing the Anunnaki from our planet once and for all.

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