Ancient Egyptians Possessed Advanced Technology and Electricity

We all know that pyramids are real, but what we don’t know is how they even came to be. Most people assume what the media taught them, aka slaves and whips, but the truth might be a lot more complex than that.

But before that, let’s address the question that people often forget to ask themselves, how could they create these behemoth structures when they didn’t even have light in the first place? Well, a recent discovery might hold the answer to this question.

The battery of Baghdad and the wall at the temple of Dendera is definitive proof of the fact that the ancient Egyptians had access to electricity and even batteries too.

In that carving, you can clearly discern the fact that they used immense lightbulbs so they could work overnight too.

You can see more about this theory and more regarding the ancient mysteries of the past and how we came to the conclusions that we did through the YouTube channel Ancient World.

In one of their videos, they discuss this exact theory and how it would have happened if we are to be proven correct.

But, where would they even place this light bulb in the first place?

People do assume that the pyramids were power plants after all so maybe they hold the key to these mysteries? Maybe the Baghdad Stack is the answer after all.


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