What Do UFOs and Aliens Want With Earth?

What do the aliens want with Earth? Why do aliens keep visiting Earth?

We spend a lot of time chasing UFO sightings and talking to alien abductees with the main goal of proving that aliens are visiting the Earth. One of the things that I have always wondered about is, what do the aliens want with us? It is pretty obvious to me by now that aliens do exist and that they do visit the Earth constantly. What they are doing here on Earth is an entirely different problem though. This is the question that haunts our minds.


Learning from Alien Abductees

I have been in contact with a lot of alien abductees over the years. These people have always fascinated me. Most of them describe very similar experiences. We can try to figure out what the aliens want by what they did to these people while they had them. Hopefully, their common experiences can shed some light on this mystery.

Aliens are doing Experiments on Humans

One of the common experiences of alien abductees is that they report being in some kind of exam room. They are usually on a metal table surrounded by instruments and sometimes they even remember seeing the aliens themselves. None of the abductees I have talked to know exactly what the aliens are doing to them but they all agree that they felt like a lab experiment. Some of these people come back with pieces of unidentifiable metal under their skin, in their teeth or even implanted all the way into a bone. These implants prove that the alien abductors have a vested interest in keeping track of these people. What kind of experiments the aliens are doing on these people is what I want to find out.

Why Would Aliens Want to do Human Experiments?

If we can figure out why aliens would want to experiment on humans we may be able to figure out what kind of experiments they are doing. We have come up with some possibilities.

Aliens are Researching Earth Germs and Viruses

Anyone that has watched the movie “War of the Worlds” has heard of the idea that aliens could be threatened by Earth’s germs. This is a real possibility! Since humans have spent thousands of years building up resistance to these germs they don’t really harm us. We get sick and feel like crud for a few days and then our bodies kill the invading virus causing us to feel better. If an alien creature had no built up resistance to these viruses then they probably wouldn’t be able to fight these germs off naturally. This would be fatal to the alien visitors as it was in the movie. A germ that may not even affect a person could kill an alien.

Aliens Understand Germs

The only problem with the movie is that a super-advanced species of aliens would already know about Earth’s viruses and germs. It is hard to believe that aliens wouldn’t be prepared for such things. That could be one reason that they are abducting people; they are studying our illnesses so they can create vaccinations for themselves. That way they would be much safer spending more time on Earth. If germs and viruses evolved on Earth then it is logical that they are common throughout the Universe. Every planet with life would likely have germs and viruses also. They could even have some of the same germs as the Earth because of panspermia (the theory that life is spread to planets through asteroids, meteors, comets, etc.).

The flip side of the germ theory is that aliens could be infecting us with viruses as some kind of experiment. We could be walking science experiments to them. People use animals to study viruses all of the time. If our biology is similar enough to the aliens then they could use us to learn how alien viruses would affect them. The possibilities are nearly endless as to why aliens would want to experiment with germs and viruses using humans.

Are Humans Alien Offspring?

Another reason that aliens could be showing so much interest in humans is that we could be their offspring. It is possible that, at some point, these alien civilizations decided to stop having sex to procreate and switched to using technology to create their children. There are many reasons that could have caused them to make this decision. It may not have even been a choice. Some tragedies could have caused them to lose the ability to procreate.  That subject could be its own article.

Aliens could have decided to colonize Earth thousands of years ago by placing their offspring here. Humans could either be an exact copy of the alien race or they could have manipulated the DNA of creatures already on Earth combining it with their own to create an entirely new species.

This would explain why the aliens killed off all of the subhuman races besides Homo sapiens. They wouldn’t have wanted their offspring to have too much competition. At one point there were 7 subspecies of hominid (human-like creatures). Where did they all go? It makes no sense unless something killed them off on purpose.

Why Aliens Look Different

You may wonder why humans and aliens look different if it is possible that we are their children. There is a very simple answer to this question. Our bodies would have evolved and adapted to Earth for the last 50,000 years. This evolution would cause us to look different from our ancestors because we grew up on a different planet than they did. This is the same reason that people look different depending on which continent their family came from.

Another reason that we could be the offspring of aliens yet look different is that we might just share partial DNA with the aliens. Instead of being carbon copy clones of aliens we may be modified humanoids. We could even be modified apes. That would explain why scientists could never find the “missing link” in the evolution model of humans.

Evolution or Higher Power


There are only two ways that humans came into existence. The first is that we evolved naturally into what we are today. The second is that some higher power intervened causing people to evolve independently from the rest of the mammals on Earth. Throughout human history, we have always believed that a higher power of some sort influenced our lives. Thousands of years ago people realized how odd it is that humans are so different from their fellow animals. This idea is one of the reasons that people created the god concept. For thousands of years,  people have used god or gods to explain anything and everything that they could not explain it any other way. I think that they were right about the higher power they were just wrong about what that power was. First I want to talk about how we know evolution doesn’t make sense.


Self Consciousness


The fact that humans can think about their own lives and deaths proves we didn’t evolve to this point. There is no good reason for us to have evolved to the point where we need to worry about death. Every other animal on Earth has survival instincts, but not one of them wonders if there is anything past this life.  There are many different species of animals on Earth but none of them are nearly as different from each other as they are from humans. This means that either nature made a huge mistake or gene manipulation caused humans to evolve faster than they would naturally.


If aliens influenced our evolution then they would have had to evolve to this point. However, it is not likely that they were the only species on their planet to evolve to this point, or at least close to it. The reason I don’t think we evolved to this point on Earth is that there are too many missing links in the process. People went from grunting and living in caves to controlling fire and using languages in a very short amount of time. Also, why didn’t more animals evolve into having self-consciousness? I find it very illogical that humans managed to evolve to this point in such a short amount of time. You would think that other animals that have been around for way longer than humans would have evolved before we would have. Why did our brains keep growing while other animals stopped? Why aren’t alligators smarter than we are? Or sharks for that matter. I would think that if the Earth evolved naturally we wouldn’t be all alone when it came to having self-consciousness. The fact that we are different from other animals doesn’t bother me, it’s how different we are that bothers me.


The Big Question


I know that people have been asking this question for a long time. I am nowhere near the first person to ask this question. No one has an answer to this question. This question is one of the things that sparked religions as we know them. The question is; why are humans so different from other animals on Earth? Why did we evolve much further past every other known form of life? Our oldest ancestors had problems with this question. We haven’t gotten any closer to finding the answer to this question than we were 3000 years ago. Most people have always just said that God made us and left it at that. Something made us for sure. Whether it was God or something else has yet to be determined.

Aliens Want The Earth’s Gold: May Be Rare

If you ask most Ufologists what aliens want with Earth, gold will always be one of the answers. Gold is useful for many reasons and it may be a rare resource across the Universe. Ancient Alien Theorists believe that aliens manipulated people to dig gold for them. This helps support the idea that aliens created humans. It would also explain why people are so fascinated with gold. It’s crazy to think about it, but we might all exist just because aliens wanted to mine some gold. It could be worse though. At least they didn’t take all of it. These aliens that visited the Earth and created people may not even be the same type that still visits our planet. There are many types of aliens all of which have their own agendas.

Gold is used for circuits among other things.

Aliens Could Want Our Planet

Out of all of the things that the aliens might want this one scares me the most. They could be visiting Earth trying to decide if they want to take it from us or not. Us humans have thought for a long time that the Earth is a very special place. We may not be wrong. We don’t know what kind of planets these aliens come from but we can assume that they require a lot of the same types of elements and minerals that we use here on Earth. It is very possible that the Earth is considered a desirable planet among alien species. We don’t know how rare the Earth might be. Some aliens could be thinking of using it as a kind of retirement plan. If that’s the case then the aliens are probably invested in making sure that humans don’t destroy the Earth before they decide to take it over.


Some people believe that aliens created the Earth. Our planet might have been terraformed in the same way that we would like to do to Mars. It has even been suggested that our moon was brought here by aliens. Our moon is odd in how it is so big compared to the Earth. All the other moons that we know about are much smaller when compared to their host planets. If aliens created the Earth then they would want to keep their eyes on their investment.

If Aliens Want Earth, What’s the Wait?

You might be asking yourself at this point why aliens wouldn’t just take the Earth if they want it? Why would they need thousands of years to decide to take it for themselves? If they haven’t taken it by now then they probably don’t want it, right? I have asked myself these same questions. There are several different answers that I have come up with.

The first possibility is that the aliens may experience time differently from humans do. If they have an average life span of thousands of years, a few hundred years on Earth would seem like a very short amount of time to them. These advanced species of aliens could also be using wormholes or time travel engines in their space ships. What that means is that they could leave their planet during one century but arrive at Earth during a different century. This process could be reversed on their trip back to their home planet. To the aliens, this trip could seem like a very short amount of time while thousands of years are passing here on Earth.

The Earth Could Be a Backup Plan for Aliens

Another reason that the aliens might be waiting to take the Earth is that they don’t need it yet. Our planet could be some kind “alien retirement plan”.  This idea makes sense when you really think about it. The alien activity has increased since humans created atomic weapons. UFOs are constantly spotted around nuclear weapons sites and power plants. They might be concerned that we are going to blow u their investment. People have suggested that the aliens are interested in our nuclear power because they are interested in keeping the human race alive. I personally think that they are more worried about our planet. If I am right then we should really start worrying more about global warming and carbon dioxide pollution. We don’t want the aliens taking us out just to save the Earth!

The Short Answers To What Aliens Want With The Earth

Through my experience as a Ufologists, I have come up with these reasons that aliens want the Earth.

  1. They want our genetic material for experiments.
  2. Aliens want Earth to harvest precious metals and other resources.
  3. Some aliens live permanently on Earth. They aren’t just visiting.
  4. They use the Earth as a meeting place when traveling through the Universe.
  5. Aliens want to watch the human species as we develop. Possibly to learn more about their own development.
  6. The aliens want Earth as a backup plan. The same thing we plan on using Mars for.
  7. Aliens like to hunt humans for sport and keep our skulls as trophies. Wait that’s the movie “Predator” lol. Although still a possibility.
  8. Gold: Ancient Alien Theorists believe that the main reason aliens visit Earth is to mine for gold. They think that this has been going on for thousands of years.

What Can We Do?

When it comes down to it we can speculate all that we want to, but we will still have no idea what the aliens are doing here on Earth. They may be so far advanced past us intellectually that their reasoning could be incomprehensible to us humans. All we can do is go on with our lives and hope that our alien guests have no intention of harming us. Maybe one day they will tell us about their plans for humans and the Earth. Until then; remember that the truth matters! We will find the truth if we stick together, keep an open mind and don’t take no for an answer.

Please remember we all have different opinions, Think Before You Speak or Write Something that is cruel to Others. After all, We are only Humans. Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes. To share your experiences or just leave a comment there is a area below. Read or listen.

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  1. It’s the fact that we don’t know their intentions that should give us pause. Secrecy is a military tactic, not a method of diplomacy.

  2. Aliens are smart they have been collecting gold for ages. They also have built the cube in middle of East and Middle of South the scientists are fully aware about their existence but they tend to behave as if they do not know anything.


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