We are the original Starseeder race, we are the Vega!

“We are the original Starseeder race, we are the Vega.”

Symbol of Vega connected Starseeded groups

The Vega are an ancient extraterrestrial species who are the original ancestors of many other species throughout outer space. The Vega genetically created, which is called Starseeding, the Lyran, Sirian, and Pleiadian species. Lyrans, Pleiadians, and Vegas have also Starseeded earlier hominid primates and so they were part in creating the modern humans as well.

The information on this page is a summary on what I have learned about the Vega. The other page with contact stories has more detail on the times when I have been contacted by the Vega individual.

Vega symbol of their connected groups

The symbol to the right was shown to me telepathically either by a Marsian Salamander or Serpent God Anu during interviews with these on August 2 2017. It would be the symbol or logotype of the Vega connected peoples. I am not sure how many stars are on it but my best guess was these eight white five-pointed stars with the point of the stars pointed up, arranged around a ring against a pale pink background. 

They were the ancestral Starseeders

I had heard about the Vega mentioned by both species of the Agenda which does not have love as its highest goal, and mentioned also by benevolent loving alien species. The stories told of Vega by both groups agreed. For a long time, the Vegas seemed to be only a legend, and it seemed as if there would have been no Vegas left. I also heard about the wars which the Vegas would have lost. But in August 2017 Vegas contacted me.

Vegas say Vegas were the first starseeded ones. The Vega would originate from, or at least have lived by, the Vega star. The Vega are an ancient species who existed long before most of our well-known alien species were in existence. The Vega were notoriously busy as Starseeders, meaning that they genetically created many new alien species. Whether the new species that they created, were built out of at least in part their own genetic material or if they were brand new creations, I do not know at this time.

The Vegas say they were the original first Starseeder race. “We were the original Starseeders. We starseeded the whole entire galaxy.” Vegas Starseeded the Sirians, Lyrans, and Pleiadians. And on Earth the Vegas Starseeded the Lemurians, and the original golden Jews. The Vega also said that they, the Vega, had Starseeded the elephants.

“We were the original Starseeded race.”, said the Vega. The Vega said they were created by the Ulia who were once like their fathers. Ulia is pronounced Julia. Vega says that the Ulia left, abandoned, deserted the Vega so that the Vega may live alone on their own in peace, and that nobody knows where the Ulia are now. The Vega seems to have positive thoughts about the Ulia, he said, “I wanted the Ulia. The most important one, that was for us.” The Ulia were more advanced and powerful race than the Vegas, said the Vega. Conversation from Vega about Ulia is found in Vega contact page.

Lyrans were brothers to Vegas, the Vegas and Lyrans founded Starseeded new colonies together.

The Vega said I have a small part Vega and Pleiadian genetic strain in me, and for me to not give my Vega strain to the Reptilians who are the enemies of Vega.

Drawing from Vega visitation August 27 2017

The first species that the Vega created, or at least the one that is considered the major species created of great significance for the legends of the Vega, was the Lyran species. Only after the Lyrans were created, were the Pleiadians created. Earlier I was not sure if it was the Vega or the Lyrans who created the Pleiadians, but in August 2017 I learned that the Vegas created the Pleiadians. And Pleiadians in turn, we must know, would come to Earth and first create the red-haired giants who were a mixture of some type of pre-existing Earth hominid and with the Pleiadian genetic material, and, the second batch of hybrids Starseeded (genetically created) by the Pleiadians, were the combination of some Earth humans and Pleiadian but this time with a higher amount of Pleiadian genome and they were the blonde Nordic giants who were not as large as the previous red-haired ones.

So the Vega are the ancestors of a great number of other extraterrestrial species. And also it would seem, that the Vega have only created species that were benevolent and loving in nature. And, as a ripple effect, some of the species that were created by the Vega, have been creating new forms of life themselves. The Vega are to be considered the ancient ancestors who started the Starseeding that led to many new species, in part the Vega led even to some of us humans, although I cannot say at this time whether the human genome that was given to us from Pleiadians contained actual Vega material or not.

Vegas and Lyrans were Brothers for a long time and they Starseeded new colonies together. They came and seeded the human race and Pleiadians joined in and wanted to be their ally. Then the Pleiadian women deserted them and wanted to go their own way, and so the new Starseeded ones were made with the Pleiadian race and not with the Vega. When the Pleiadians deserted the Vegas they made friends and allies with the Lyrans, and so both the Lyrans and the Pleiadians deserted the Vega. Pleiadians and Lyrans abandoned the Vega because “they did not want to be powerful with their very advanced fathers anymore”, instead they wanted to Starseed their own races. Vegas say that the Pleiadians are still Starseeding the human race, that there are boys born today still being introduced to humankind but that we should not be told about that because it would start wars.

Then came Reptilian Anunnaki and starseeded “the whole of the rest”, “that is why humanity is enemy with its own race”. Some of the Reptilians have hid under ground, said Vega.


Before the Vega contacted me, I already knew from my previous contact with aliens that the Vega has light pink skin color. During the channeling of the Vega I did not clearly see what the Vega looked like, but I described the Vega as tall and with a pointy head unless it was headgear, and I saw a lot of white light around him of the power inside the star.

A few days later a Vega made contact with me and let me see him. First I saw that it was a body that looked to stand upright and his skin was a strong light pink color. He had two small eyes that were pale blue and seemed to have eye whites. The eyes have the most loving expression in them. After a while I saw him even clearer, and I saw that he has many pink soft tentacles on his face as drawn.

The Vega has a mouth under the tentacles. And while the Vega spoke to me I watched how he made deep inhales of air through his mouth. If he exhales the air, then the exhale happens either not through the mouth or that the exhale is made slower because I did not see him exhaling. Vegas eat tiny little minerals or particles from the air that fall down naturally from the sky.

The Vega species never consisted of women. The Vegas never reproduced in that way. The Vegas are a very old and advanced alien race and they do not need women in order to procreate their race. Vegas only make sons with the ones they want to, and they always only used other races to seed with their own. That is how they live and how they procreate, said a Vega in the channeling on August 24 2017. Vegas do not have genitalia. “We never had any women that they could have taken or stolen, we enver reproduced in that way, you see we are a very old and advanced alien race, we do not need any women in order to procreate our race, we only make sons with the ones we want to, and we always only used other races to seed with our own, that is how we live and how we procreate.”, said a Vega.

The pink hand seemed to be a clump which sort of has the outline for three fingers, but the fingers are wide and can only be separated a little bit. The feet look the same with three wide snug toes on each foot.

He looks like a walrus body with flippers front paws and flipper back paws, and he lies on the ground like a walrus. It was the Vega who wanted me to add a star next to the text “Vega”, and then he wanted more stars around, and then he wanted stars falling down from his mouth and more little stars that had already fallen down from his mouth. According to him the stars mean that he has Starseeded.

Vega has said that the Vegas do not have a smell, that they do not smell like anything.

I saw that he was an upright standing creature, wider or thicker and larger than a human body, and his skin was a strong light pink color. The skin is smooth and without hairs or other visible pattern such as lines or scales. I saw no external ears. I am not sure about whether he has arms and legs, and I do not know for sure if he was wearing clothes or not. He has two eyes that are small and a bit slanted. The eyes have eye whites and are otherwise a light blue color, I did not see any black irises in the eyes, and I saw no eyelids or eyelashes. I also did not see him blink.

After a moment I saw him even clearer and I saw that he has about five tentacles which cover the area where a nose and a mouth would be and they also hang a bit lower beneath where his chin would be. The tentacles are about the thickness of a human finger. He has a mouth that he can open which is located underneath the tentacles. The mouth is wider than the width covered by the tentacles, and so when he opens his mouth, the open corner of his mouth can be seen next to where the tentacles end.

He inhales air strongly, each inhale lasts for about two seconds. He opens his mouth to inhale. There is not a corresponding strong exhale, so it can be presumed that the exhale happens more gradually and that I therefore do not notice the exhale at all.

Similar to a walrus, isn’t he?

Like with the tentacles of a cuttlefish.

About Vega

The Vegas have very advanced technology. All of their devices use nuclear power which is harvested from the inside of a star. “And we always only used stars to fuel our devices.”, said a Vega. Vegas have built very advanced and powerful civilizations which have Vega technology. They have devices for transportation, weapons, and for making clearer water.

Vega said they do not like to fight. Vega said that they know that I also am peaceful and that is why they felt it was safe to visit me. He said that the Vega never founded any kingdoms, they always wanted their created peoples to be brothers with the Vega and with each other and to live in peace. The Vega say they were never a warring nation, and that they were never kings, and they never wanted to be kings. They do not want or need to be regarded as kings or gods.

For the Vega it is important that humans eat fruit. The Vega wanted big fruits to be grown on Earth, the Vega wanted to give fruits to mankind. “Did you know why fruit was made, and invented? So that people could live in harmony, with each other. So that we all could live in peace.”

Vega I saw and drew on August 31, 2018

When I drew the picture of the Vega and while I was writing the text on the top of the picture, it was the Vega who asked me to place stars there on either side of the text, and so I did. And as I decided to make a new banner for the top of this page, it was the Vega who wanted there to be lots and lots of stars. He would have wanted me to draw thousands of stars, to represent the thousands of civilizations that the Vegas have Starseeded. He also wanted me to draw golden lines that would be drawn like long curvy bands from the word Vega and to individual stars, starting with individual bands going first many to the right, and then other bands further and further downward, so that they go to the right and until going down, to represent the connections in the connected Vega group, but I told him that I did not know how to draw such bands so I left them out.

The Vega exudes a tremendous amount of love, happiness, and joy, which I feel from him. I feel a tremendous amount of love, happiness, and joy when we are connected. And his eyes smile in the most loving way. The Vega knows a lot of things about my life, and he has shown me images from my past and childhood. I asked him how can he see the past, but he told me that I do it too, and I had to admit that since I too can remote view the past, so therefore it was nothing out of the ordinary after all. The Vega has shown me many scenes of times when I have thought compassionately about animals, or when I have looked at animals with compassion, scenes from my past. My compassion to cows, to magpie birds, and many other examples that he has shown me, and he said, that that is how he knows that he can come to me. Kindness, and compassion toward animals, are very important to the Vega. He said that the people of India still adhere to this advice, meaning that the people of India who are Hindus are vegetarian, and, he said that most of the world meaning most of humanity does not, meaning because most humans are not vegetarians.

Adjacent to my remote viewing of Lemuria, a Vega did channeling through me, which is a more thorough form of telepathic contact over a distance and has not been done by any other alien before. Normally I can convey in writing or by speaking what an alien says to me, but in the channeling the Vega had me relax and lie down and it spoke through me, where I was not the active speaker. Subsequent contact with the pink Vega was not channeling but was normal like other contact I have with aliens. Whether the Vega that did channeling, and the Vega who contacted me on subsequent days, were the same individual, I do not know.

On August 28 2017 I saw in a mental image that a Blue King was pulling a sleigh on which the pink walrus cuttlefish Vega was laying, and so it was a way to help the Vega come along so that the Vega did not have to move its own body along. It was a sleigh, it was not a cart it had no wheels. Read about it on the Vega contact page. This image was from a base that the Vega has in the Himalayan mountains in Asia where they also have Blue Kings, Yeti, and pumas, and I feel there would have been other species and animals there in their base also.


Aliens of the Agenda have told me about the wars between Alpha Theton Dark Lords against the Vega, and consequently being in war against the Vega had meant also being in war against the Lyrans and Pleiadians as well. Dark Lords have a resentment against the Vega, Lyran, and Pleiadians. The reason for the contempt might be the fact that the extended Vega populations are different from the Dark Lord vision of life and of the universe. Also one can imagine a conflict of interest between Dark Lord ideals and the ideals of the extended group of Vega origin, in that the Dark Lords cause harm to others, are predatory in nature, and envision a world that to many others would look like destruction and suffering. Whereas the Vega groups seem to express love and beautiful creation.

Vegas were peaceful but powerful, and others their enemies coveted to have their power. And so, then, next came the Serpents. Who wanted to fire us all down from the sky! We just wanted peace.

And for them to live peacefully with each other. And to not have any gods or kings.

Time and time again I have heard of the wars by Dark Lord groups against Vega and Lyra. Supposedly the Vega were more or less completely wiped out. Most of the Lyra would have also been defeated in these wars, however, I have spoken with a Lyran so there are still at least few. I have now also spoken with at least one or two Vega individuals so the Vegas are also not extinct.

I have now learned about the Vega wars spoken directly by a Vega. Vega said that the Vega had very powerful vehicles and their enemies wanted to destroy these vehicles.

The Vegas had advanced weapons and their enemies wanted to destroy the Vegas and to take their weapons. The Vegas built powerful armies to defend themselves from the enemy. And so the wars begun. Vega never wanted for there to be wars.

The wars were first fought together with their Lyran allies and Space Brothers. The Sirians were first their allies, they tried to recruit the Sirians but the Sirians were hopelessly in love with the enemy and the Sirians hid from them and escaped their grasp. Sirians made friends with their enemy. The Vegas fought against Zeta Reticulans and their allies, the Vegas lost the wars. The Vegas had to hide and flee. The Vegas hid inside of the star that they once called their home. They hide and wait for the right time to emerge again.


Millions of years ago the Vegas created the people of Lemuria who lived on a continent in the ocean on Earth. Vegas created cities for them and the Lemurians had been given the advanced technology of the Vegas which the Lemurians were meant to use to power their devices such as vehicles and for making clear water. Lemurians used Vega weapons against Lemurian women and children, and so the Vegas made the decision to destroy the Lemurians and the Lemurian continent and to take the weapons away.

Vegas gave fruit to humanity

Pleiadians themselves have fields of golden grains growing in their home world. It is a typical scene that you see if you are shown any images from their home world. Other than that the colors of their sky and landscape are different than what you find on Earth. Pleiadians gave edible grains also to humans.

The Vega tells me also that Pleiadians gave humans grains. Vega on the other hand gave humanity fruits to eat. Ever since the Vega contacted me in late August, for the several following days he told me to eat fruit, and to not eat any grain foods such as cookies because those were given by Pleiadians. The Vega also told me that the grains were programmed to make a human woman go into menopause. Fruits on the other hand give a longer lifespan. The Vega have helped individual humans live up to 800 years before. I sense also perhaps a little bit of rivalry, as the Vega had wanted the Pleiadians to stay with them as a team but the Pleiadians had gone their own way to Starseed on their own so perhaps the Vega wants to win a local battle by having me eat Vega fruits and no Pleiadian grains, but that is just my own personal pondering on the topic.

Anyone who seriously studies food, and I am not saying to ask a human doctor or to read a few publically available books, will discover that fruit lengthens lifespan and that eating fruit cures diseases and reverses the signs and symptoms of aging on the human body. Grains on the other hand give a human body several ailments after time. So what the Vega is saying about the benefits of fruit and the disadvantages of grains is correct. With the help of the Vega, I am looking toward going on a mostly fruits diet and otherwise a bit of raw vegetables, seeds, and nuts, but the Vega think that I could live on only just fruits but that is actually hard to do. I have lots of experience from the past of eating healthy and more fruit so for me it is not a foreign concept at all.

Interesting coincidence of words. The Vega extraterrestrials could be called Vegan, although I call them Vegas. And a “vegan” is somebody who only eats plant foods with no meat or even milk products such as cheese or milk or yogurt and no eggs. And the Vega people have a tremendous compassion also to animals and promote at least a vegetarian (no meat) diet when possible.

Ganesha was a Vega

One day I was contacted by Amrishtad. He has blue skin and black hair and he is decorated in golden jewelry. He told me the story about how his people had one day come to the humans in India to teach them how to live in paradise. The blue people of Amrishtad live in another parallel universe which in itself is a place less physical, less dense, and more easy and pleasurable. The blue kings in India were attacked by Dark Lord groups and some of them settled in South America, but were soon chased away by Dark Lord groups from there also.

At another time I was in contact with angelic beings who asked me if I would like to see their creator God. Yes, I said, and the angels let me see the god who had created them. It was a being who was a great body of gold and it had the outlines etched into it of two eyes. The eyes were the most loving and happy eyes. I was then shown this creator God in a paradise which was a garden with flowing water and trees, the garden sparkled in incredible colors. There was a small pink octopus squid there, and the blue kings also lived in that garden. So this small pink octopus god had created the angelic beings and had also created the blue kings. And sure enough I recognized it from the pictures found in Hinduism, this was Ganesha.

It may be that Ganesha is one of the Vegas, small and pink. Ganesha was shown to me by the angelic beings, and both the angels and the blue kings regard Ganesha as their creator god. And we know that the actual Vegas created many species, Vegas created the Lyrans and subsequently even the Pleiadians and many others. Both Vegas and Ganesha are light pink in color, and both are creators of other species. I do suspect that Ganesha is one of the Vegas.

To know: Hindu Blue Kings are known in the religion of Hinduism which is still practiced in India. Ganesha is another of the deities of Hinduism and is in Hinduism depicted as a small pink elephant.

Additional encounters

On August 31, 2018, during the day while I was at work, all of a sudden and for no particular reason that I could think of, I had a mental image of a Vega . It had its mouth open so that the corners of the mouth are seen open on either side from underneath the tentacles beard and the shape of the mouth looks as if it is very happy and laughing or smiling. The eyes also look very happy and friendly and like laughter and friendliness and love which the Vega emanates tremendously strong. It did not speak to me but I recognized it from its appearance from previous encounters as a Vega. I was happy to see him, we did not have a conversation because it was not the right time or place for that. It was just that brief image of its head to shoulders.

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