Watch the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert

The retailer, whose festive campaign has become a major annual TV moment, is returning to a tried-and-tested formula of unusual friends, sharing Christmas for this year’s festive ad with an alien. This year it has launched a week earlier than usual after a rise in searches for Christmas products on the department store’s websites, as shoppers try to dodge supply problems in the run-up to the big day



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1 thought on “Watch the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert”

  1. Hello! Although I don’t celebrate Christmas myself I do recognize the importance of family and even though loneiness isn’t considered a dieases. I feel as though it should be and the reason I say this is because recently I read a story reported by a Raelian journalist in regards to a elderly woman in Italy that called the police because she was hungry and lonely.This brought me to tears and I wanted to reach out to this woman.Well I’ve been lonely a long time to and it makes me wonder when I reach her age will I be compelled to do the samething?It made me think of my dad when I was next to his hospital bed and he passed.I didn’t want to leave him to die alone and I didn’t want him to die at all.Which at the time I was crying and I didn’t want to disconnect him from life support,Well I finally did and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to see someone die into nothingness of infinity.What a lonely place that is to anyone on their deathbed anyway that is all I have to say on the subject.I’am also thinking of another article I read where in some or one European country if you have no friends or family the government sends someone to your grave and grieves for you.This should be done throughout the world and its sad.There was also a scene in a movie where homeless people who had died were taken to a island where they were buried in a mass grave with no marker of who they were and one character wanted to be there to be there for someone he called his son.He left pictures of him and his son in the grave before they covered it with dirt.I wonder if that happens in real life for those that die who were homeless most of their lives?


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