Earth Final Conflict: Movie Trailer – One Epic Love

TWO WORLDS – ONE EPIC LOVE Grab some tissues and the hand of your special someone and head to the movies this summer. Cinemas will be heating up with the story of an epic love that spans the stars! *** I’ve always been fascinated by movie trailers. It’s amazing how clips can be cut together with certain lines of dialogue and a particular kind of music to tell a story in a few minutes. I plan to make a few of these to see how many different genres EFC can cover depending on how clips are edited. Stay tuned!



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2 thoughts on “Earth Final Conflict: Movie Trailer – One Epic Love”

  1. Hi! The person in this movie trailer and photo here is a very good likeness of ET races that exist behind the scenes or will exist in the future.I can image her as someone from the Elohim especially in the trailer where it appears she is making a speech or lecturing to humans.I’am sure if this occurs the humans gathered there will have a lot of questions for the alleged being and if a romantic relationship starts between this being and a human.I have no doubt the being will want to explore sexuality with the human and besides almost everyone can relate to unconditional love.I watched the trailer before commenting here and saying what I’ve said already makes me want to watch the trailer again.I remember a scene from star trek:Enterprise where a sexual encounter occured between the engineer and the science officer T’pol it was quite a scene to say the least no doubt more scenes are likely in star trek series that have yet to be told in the future.

  2. Hello again! I feel strangely drawn to the being in the photo posted above even though its a actress or actor with alien costume features.I feel like I’am one with this being and I can’t tell the difference between us.I’am sorry for commenting twice but I must acknowledge my kinship with this being.Its not in accordance with anything Raelian however I’ve been thinking about this being more and more or at least every time I see the photo in question.Well perhaps further in my life I will discover the answer from within myself.I look forward to feedback on my second posting of comments and even if there isn’t any than at least I had the chance to get it off my chest by posting it here.Have a good day everyone and until my next response of comments.


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