Walter Rizzi Develops Telepathic Abilities After Chance Meeting With Aliens

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Although the details of the encounter are not particularly outlandish, there is still a persistent feeling among many in UFO circles that a pinch of salt should perhaps be at the ready when it comes to the claims of Walter Rizzi from Bolzano, Italy, which he would make ten years after a supposed incident in 1978.

After pulling his car to the side of the road near an underpass to get some sleep, Rizzi would awaken to see a disc-shaped craft hovering near his vehicle. Even more concerning was the humanoid entity making his way toward him. The being would communicate with Rizzi using telepathy. It is perhaps interesting to note that, similar to Pallmann’s story, the alien Rizzi met described how they were looking for vegetation, fruit, and minerals that are rich on planet Earth and of great value to them.

In a similar manner to many sightings of the time (although we should remember that Rizzi waited a decade before speaking of the encounter), the witness would state that he was warned of an impending disaster that would affect around 80 percent of the planet.



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