Veronica Bartolini : Super Soldier : Project Crystal Gates, Secret Space Program, Montauk and More!

Jan 18, 2021

Veronica was in the Secret Space Program as well as Monarch, Montauk, Mannequin, Kruger, Nacht Waffen and Project Crystal Gates working with dolphin super soldiers, and Stargate-1. She was also part of Umbrella Corporation’s – Hulk program, which started out as at Black Shield as Project Blue Ranger. The Blue Ranger was designed as a cowboy type super soldier, but there was an explosion, mutations occurred, and the incredible hulk was a result. The project was then replicated on other super soldiers including James Rink’s clone Rob Richter and Veronica’s clone by the name of Shelia the She Hulk. While in the SSP, Veronica went by the name of Solel and served on missions to rescue children. Her spiritual name is Kum-ru and she has Draco DNA . Her civilian life includes titles of former police officer, realtor, behavioral health tech, and recovery coach from trauma. She had a near death experience in 2010 where she was brain dead for three days.

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