Suzanne Chancellor & Jack Jawczak : Cosmic Twins – Separated Before Birth

Dec 13, 2020

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back to (XI)’s last interview of 2020!! Great show for you guys regarding two Lovely Soul’s who saw each other during an abduction and found each other later on in life!! A tale of synchronicities, telepathic messages, Greys, UFO, Mantid’s and More..Enjoy! Suzanne Chancellor : Suzanne is a lifetime experiencer and contactee. Although most might label her experiences as “alien abductions,” she has come to realize that the visitation experience is far more complex, and surpasses the boundaries and limitations of our own reality. Upon reading Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion” in 1987, she found comfort in the realization that her experiences were shared with someone other than herself. Her awakening began a process of self discovery, accompanied by heightened synchronicities, psychic awareness, and precognition. Suzanne has a podcast and a blog, both titled Random Alien Brain Droppings and is currently writing a book about her experiences.… She feels that her path is that of a conduit, connecting others to try to put together the pieces of the ever evolving puzzle of… ET contact. Jack Jawczak: Jack is a US Army veteran and a recently retired Teamster who worked for over 34 years at United Parcel Service. He is a Father of 3 and Grandfather of 4. As a child, Jack had a series of different reoccurring “dreams” that were troubling. He would often feel a presence in his room just before falling asleep, and would occasionally wake with blood on his pillow from a nosebleed. In 1988 after reading Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion,” the puzzle pieces of his experiences as a child and young adult began to make more sense. He started reading voraciously about life after death, near death experiences, the paranormal and ufos, and felt as if he were experiencing a spiritual awakening. Jack has had several UFO sightings over his lifetime, with one in particular actually reacting to his thoughts. He has had instances of time anomalies that he can’t explain, along with a shared “dream* with his children of which they all find unnerving. In 2014 while in California, Jack was hypnotically regressed by Yvonne Smith to access previously blocked memories. Although he found the session to be enlightening, surprising, and somewhat disturbing, he declined an offer for a second session. While he still has a hard time admitting he is an experiencer of ET contact, he finds it even harder to say that he isn’t. He has since embarked on a path of personal healing after losing his wife to cancer in 1997, and in the process has become a Reiki Master.

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