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Not very long ago, back in March 2021. I received a vision or was seeing battles and the beings found me. From there the beings escorted me into a Space Ship where I was waking up and I over heard two female Technicians communicating, one asking is she awake and I responded yes. How did I get here? What is going on? I said, well this Craft is familiar, I believe I have been here many times before. Alien Tech smiled and yes you have but we are fixing to move into a new Building. Building I replied and started looking around I could see that they had some snacks and they were prepping me for a real Exam. There were wearing what seem to be lab coats, but one of the females had hoof like feet. Next, I recall being transported  on a gurney type bed into a room where a Interdimensional Being was, he was my Doctor and things seemed a little different, or I was just understanding things better. There were 2 other Beings with him likes nurses or assistants. What happen next was Unbelievable and I was awake the whole time. The being who a beautiful being opaque, luminescent with a glittery appearance ( like a Abalones shell inside color) was at my feet and I recall that how it has always started  with ETs  was at my feet, So has he touched my feet he immersed his entity into mine and ask me to hold still and I could feel his presence inside like a vibration or tingly sensation and when I started to communicate, he said silence. When he was done I could feel the sensation end. I ask, well any news and he said I had to work on your kidney, everything is fine now. Then again no memory of what happened after that until I woke up the next Morning.

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  1. I sincerely believe this account is true. I have also been on board a craft for months at my request and helped them perform task that were difficult to them.


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