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From my early Childhood until the present day. I have experienced Contact with Several types Alien Beings from other Worlds. On one occasion when I was around 10 ish.  Near my home on a gravel road while riding my bicycle with  my dog “Tippy” following me. I noticed a shadow , the sunshine dimmed,  all the sudden I thought there was a cloud over me, so I glanced up and saw a huge Silver Disc Craft hovering over me . My dog didn’t bark and I wasn’t scard either. I really don’t remember much more of this event or even how I got home. But once I got home my mom said where have you been? I said  with “Tippy” bike riding. So that ended that conversation, being a outdoor person it was not unusual for me to be out and about all day. Sun up till Sun Down Outside!

I  am sure I had some missing time during this encounter, and many other times.

This event however triggered more childhood memories  and began my interest even further in Extraterrestrials. My interest in Crop Circles, Abductions, Missing Time,  Interdimensional Beings, Starseeds, Alien races, Ancient Aliens, and The Anunnaki.

The older I got the more the pieces were starting to fall in place like a puzzle. Wondering how ETs were able to get me and themself through walls, ceilings, tunnels and travel through the sky to an Alien Craft.

I think when they were doing Vibrational Frequency Scan, which is a Medical Scan as well a Signature Frequency Scan, like pulling a Patients Medical Chart up and it also got me on their Vibrational Level to be able to travel like they do.

For some reason unknown to me I have never been able to wear a regular (Rolex) watch, a strange phenomenon that remains unexplained and completely baffling.  Best explanation for the mystery of broken watches lies in our individual magnetic fields. I finally gave my watch to my Daughter In Law and works like a charm for her.

Face to Face Contact is a wonderful experience that took a bit when I became a teenager. Was never a problem when I was younger. I guess for the ETs it is like dealing with the terrible twos, oh no she has been manipulated by Humanity!

Please remember we all have different opinions, Think Before You Speak or Write Something that is cruel to Others. After all, We are only Humans. Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes. To share your experiences or just leave a comment there is a area below. Read or listen.

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Have you witnessed an unidentified flying object?

Whether you think UFOs are black projects, extraterrestrial craft, something else altogether, or just don’t know.

Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


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Nancy Thames

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4 thoughts on “Nancy Thames, Is That A cloud Or What?”

  1. Thank you Nancy, you have an interesting story. I saw your name in an article on med beds, it sounds like they’re getting closer and I need to put my nephew on the list – he has been paralyzed sinse 3 yrs old, and his parents are becoming unable to care for him. If you or your ET friends have any hand in it, please put W Kleier on your list!
    Also, sinse Louisville (where we live) is a sanctuary city, we are pretty sure they won’t be allowing cures of any kind here unless the like-minded community push for it and walk it through each step until we have a working clinic.
    I’m sure you have people hounding you about this all the time, but we are so desperate I am sorry! I think I am on your subscription list now. thank you and God bless!

  2. Hi Nancy I just read your article on blood types and it really resonates with me. At this point in time, I’m more fascinated than ever about my origins. I’d love to hear more about my own alien ancestors. Thanks for having the courage to post these articles and sharing your knowledge and experience.
    I’m looking forward to my own CE5 experiences….


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