UFO’s The Columbian ‘tall extraterrestrial’ contact story

UFO’s The Columbian ‘tall extraterrestrial’ contact story Most who have an interest in the UFO and extraterrestrial interactions here on our planet have asked the question ‘by whom and why are we being visited?’ The list of answers is long, there have literally been hundreds of different type of alien that have chosen to visit Earth their motives ranging from the harmonious to the pugnacious. Many of the events that have seen humanity and an interstellar race meeting and talking agendas have very little in the way of evidence, we have to trust those that carry messages and sadly too often than not charlatans and liars have convinced people of a story only for it to come unravelled later, this leaving many with egg on their face. I have however come across the reports of an interaction that may offer more than usual in the way of the proof. So let’s take a look.




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