UFO Underground Bases Around The World

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Some of these UFO underground bases are networks of very old caves, which have been rehabilitated and developed. Pine Gap, Australia is one of the largest. Material heading for the base of the moon leaves from Pine Gap. In Australia there is another base, that of Snowy Mountains. Both are allied with the gray reptilians.

UFO Underground Base

In China there is an alien-Soviet-Chinese base in Xining Mongolia. On the other hand, a base of the Galactic Federation sits under Tibet . The Grays gave the Soviets anti-gravity technology at the base at Serov (Mt Ural). This base is very large and very dangerous. Another top secret UFO underground base exists north of Serov, as well as two other bases in Karagaj and Sakaueen.

In Iran, in the middle of the country, in the middle of the desert, there is a large base, the tunnels of which go to the Red Sea. The base of the Masurine Islands is underwater. In Africa: a Gray base is installed in Algeria, under Mount Tahat. In Sudan is the Kindu alien base, and in Botswana, the Kamahadi base.

UFO Underground Base

There is also a base in the South Sandwich Islands and in Egypt, on the border with Libya, an UFO underground base extends over an area as large as the state of Maryland. The one under the Giza plateau is no longer occupied by the Kamagol, present, but by NSA personnel.

In Europe, the SOLIS le Mont-Blanc base hosts 7 different races of ET from the Federation. In Scandinavia, there is also the base of Narvick and in the Gotland Islands, Alien material is stored. In South America, there is a base of benevolent’s, in the Andes, a base in Chile, north of Calama and in Brazil the base of aliens of Cuinva.

North America, holds the largest concentration of UFO underground bases, AIDS was developed by the Ultra group (inside the NSA), in several bases. The best known is Fort Meade ( Maryland) which has 19 entrances to underground caverns, with super-advanced technology devices and computers. I don’t know what the ET element was, which was used for its creation.

UFO Underground Base

Some of the scientists who work there have never seen the light of day. The base under Mt Hood, Oregon, controls and monitors all communications around the world. In this database, we clone humans.


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  1. What proof do you have that “grey aliens” or “reptilians” work for the American gov.. ? How do you know that there is an NSA base underneath the pyramids? Tell me who this mysterious Kamagol is. Almost seems you take what you want from the internet conspiracy theorist forums and compile them without having any real insight on a agenda behind this “disclosure”. At the end of the day on this little blog spot post, you have no credible evidence on a single word you have said nor can back it up in the long run. By the way “grey aliens” don’t have the same sensory organs humans have therefor there emotions are hardly existent. Hypocritical?

    • Please remember we all have different opinions, Think Before You Speak or Write Something that is cruel to Others. After all, We are only Humans. I do research, maybe you should! I know all about Disclosure and received great information from mentors and the Extraterrestrials. Dr Steven Greer was one the first to get me jumping into this research and posting information to the world and explained to me my life will come across people like you.(You want to know who Kamagol is ~ Look it up)
      Have a wonderful day!


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