What Is The Draco Reptilian Empire?

Aug. 20, 2020


The Draco Reptilian empire arose from the alpha empire of the Dragon, made up of several reptilian species, including the winged DRACOs, the large reptilians that lead several groups of Grey-Reptilians reproduced by poly-embryonation, and hatching from eggs and by cloning. A class of particularly malicious, dark, iguana-faced sorcerer-priests. They often wear a hooded dress and those who are between 1.20m and 1.50m tall. Are reptilian-amphibians, with a lizard face. Often a Nordic type is seen in the company of these Reptilians, especially during hybridization experiments on abducted humans. I have seen them with the Greys as well. I for one, have never encountered a bad or negative Reptilian. There many types of them. Just like Humans some are bad and some good.


Draco Reptilian


A so-called Agarthian tradition tells residents of Mt Shasta (part of the “Silver Fleet” alliance) saw the hidden history of Earth, in a secret library below the Himalayas. The holographic documents recorded on a Crystal, revealed the existence of an ancient race of pre-Scandinavians, allied to a race of giant Humans who had a powerful civilization, whose center was in the middle of the Gobi Sea. (now Gobi Desert.) These blond, blue-eyed Nords and Nephilim fought against a race of Draco Reptilians based in Antarctica.

These creatures were apparently mutated from bipedal Saurians. They could create the illusion of a human form and infiltrate the human race, like chameleons. They were recognized when they were made to pronounce the word, “Kiningin, which the Draco Reptilians could pronounce.”That is interesting to know, most of what i have read or YouTube videos indicate the eyes would be a good indication.


Draco Reptilian


Legend has it that Russian scientists found some Draco Reptilian bodies in hibernation and these beings killed scientists with their faces hidden, and infiltrated the Soviet government. The Draco Reptilians say they sent colonizers to other solar systems in the Constellations of Epsilon Bootes, Altaïr, Aquila Cappella, Zeta of the Reticle, Rigel and Beatrix of Orion. (Where there would be a huge population of Reptilian-Grey hybrids). At this moment, the Bavarian forces allied with other Reptilian Imperialist species are fighting against peaceful inhabitants of Space. But Draco Reptilians hate to fight on their own. They prefer to send Terran slaves to fight them. Other systems have been conquered or infiltrated by the Draco.

But they sometimes rebel: they are Sirius, Acturus, Aldebaran, Procyon, Betelgeuse, Barnard’s star in the Centaur, the Ashtar collective, led by SIRIUS B, under the domination of the Reptilians, are people implanted and electronically manipulated by a sort of huge computer. The two groups: United Federation and the Draco Empire, were often at war, one against the other, cut off by truces.

At the moment, a war is raging with varying degrees of violence in the system of Arcturus, the Star of Bernard, Altaïr, Aquila, Aldebaran, but especially in the system of Sirius B, between the Draco Reptilian-Orion forces, and the Pleiadians.

The epicenter of this war is in our solar system, where Draco forces would use: “Nemesis is a dark star, behind the solar system on the road to Orion, very close to Alpha Centaur, protostar which is not yet a star and looks like an invisible frozen planet, the size of Jupiter. From Nemesis, started the planetoids, which served as a basis for the kidnappings of the grays, for the implantation’s and the programs of manipulation of the brain, mutilations, hybridization’s in collaboration with the Bavarian Secret Societies.



These planetoids are the two huge spacecraft that were sighted near Earth in 1953, when they orbited the equator. It was at this time that contact was made with them (CIA) thanks to the 1954 Muroc / Edwars landing, followed by the Treaty of Greada. A staff member, from the AMES research center, confirms that the Clémentine probe, which was supposed to intercept it at the start, underwent at least twelve alterations in its path in a period of 6 months.


Comet Hale-Bopp


Speaking of which, examine Comet Hale-Bopp, which throws dust every seventeen days, while a true comet has a halo, does not produce solar winds that ricochet off its icy, stormy surface. Moreover, the photos of this alleged comet show that it has two cores and that it has already performed 4 course alterations, including a turn at 70 0. (see appendix: the Hale-Bopp comate).

In the 1940s, a conflict breaks out in the vast underground of Utah (Salt). Humans working with the Reptoids, had invaded territories in Dreamland. They were called the priests of the cult of the Black Sun. This underground group had taken over the ancient Atlantean anti-flood possessions.

It is also said that at the end of the 1940s, the reptilian forces based in their operational center in South America, started to settle in the base of Dulce, under Mt. Archuleta, built by humanoids, and occupied by Greys.


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26 thoughts on “What Is The Draco Reptilian Empire?”

  1. Hello there “Humain” friends !
    The mega star Betelguese in the Orion constellation (which is controlled by Draco allies) is about to explode ! Won’t that do a lot of harm to stars/planets in it’s vicinity?! We will eventually prevail with the help of the Pleidians who are actually desendants of Lyran refugees who Jesus’s Paternal relatives are related to also.
    Peace with you too.😇

  2. I had this reptile with a long dress hoodie and a wand by my bed three months ago… I was paralyzed he was looking at me just staring at me… his long hoodie was fancy looking with high shoulders pads at first I thought it’s a frog face but after searching for pictures it was a lizard.

    • Thank you for your share. I’m a 63 year old who has been previously abducted by Grey’s 40 years ago but was immediately released when I claimed the blood of Christ and a 1 and 1/2 years later an implant fell out of my nose after bothering me for days. I am a born again by the spirit Christian who has had an Acts experience vision of Jesus and a dove flying and saw fire over people praying in church after praying an hour a day for 30 days and a three day fast and being made anew by the power of God. I live on a small island in Alaska popul 10K am happily married and am raising my 9 year old adopted granddaughter. I prayed for what was hidden to be revealed and I saw a reptilian decloak in a local store- the one I saw HATED humans. She quit her Job and left town that day!

      • i think you should let the world know and let the word get out there, tell more about your story even have someone draw what you saw have a great day

  3. Driving home from the white Mountains in Az 30 miles north Globe I saw ufo triangle anti gravity.I pulled off road and watched them do incredible fling patterns stopping on dime after massive Sharp turn stop take off different direction.I am navy veteran to me it look like test.then as I was thinking to myself I said beam me up .The craft flew over me and I had my ear to the sky no sound. After passing over me it took off like nothing I have never seen that kind of craft in military. Fast does not do it justice it’s was gone in a blink of eye.

    • I’ve heard of these, many people say they are actually ours, a secret military program, possibly aided by e.t.s. some people also say that we should expect a false war, where the military would use these to “attack” cities, and convince the populace that we need to use nukes…

      • Thanks for sharing this story , I hope you all have a great day , I look forward to hearing more some day . 🙂 Thanks jay

    • dear god.. woman have you never heard of j- rod……jarod….. area 51…. you never heard of the draconians ….or the archonians …. you think like a draconion ….they are not humans one is slighty less intelligent and the other a whole lot more intellegent 2 laws love the trinity with your heart mind …. and your spiritual brethren as you love yourself…..did they have to be from this planet… screw huminism

  4. I was at a BBQ standing against the deck with my friend talking. We moved forward approx. center of deck. All of a sudden I had this weird feeling. I looked around to see what did not belong here. As I turned my head to the left, this dinosaur type creature with 2 legs was standing on the deck ledge where we just moved from. I was so fascinated with its large wings and checking it out. You can see the scales on it, 2 slits for a nose, had a thick neck. I looked to see what it was looking at. My friend’s boss was removing steaks from the grill. I thought did it smell the food and came down to look. I turned my head right and asked my daughter do you see that thing over there on the ledge where we just were? No. I turned my head left and said wtf is that. It turned its head so quick, stared at me, it snarled showing its sharp teeth, moved its wings upward, jumped up, and was gone. I ran over to the ledge looking upward but since it was dark out I could not see anything. Took me years researching to find out what I saw.

  5. The crystals are canundum. A Cold Fusion experiment gone awry caused the Hybernation in cryogenic stasis.
    How many Survived? It was only 7? There seems to be an issue. Since the Aryans (not to be confused or associated with Nazis) are nearly extinct, its a rough battle.
    The People of Earth are not going to like it when Reality descends and the cloaks come off. As always, The Monkeys are in the Middle of a Tug of War. How ironic that canundum is used in all technology the Humans use! Hence, the Lost Minds or Hypnotized effect you notice in person to person interactions. It gets more frustrating Dailly trying to do this intellectually, peacefully. Your lizard licker “Leaders” are not interested in burying an age old hatchet, but they’ve got no idea a Prime Aryan is here… nuts, huh? Watch some fireworks, Eternals are about to clash and you have Live Tickets to the Show! (Maybe hide under a bridge atleast?)

    • And pray pray pray. Ask God to allow Intervention against the evil one and send many angels to help his peoole

  6. Hi !!! Yrs ago I was studying The Romans , Constantine . At my kitchen table, piled high with notes . I noticed a shiny thing next to my chair. The shape Looked like that robot thing from a movie , OB-1. It was covered in triangle shaped diamonds , I had to look at it quickly , too bright . I thought to myself , omg now I’m seeing things , so I did a eye check . Glanced around room , focus in on a object to see if my eyes were ok . Yes all good . So I reached my hand out to touch this thing next to me , and it shifted away from me ( like jello) but the object never moved , stayed in place .Then it moved around my table , disappeared through wall , leaving a trail of “ pixie” dust everywhere . Weird !! I until this happened never really gave much thoughts about “ aliens “ . But I’ve been spiritually “ sensitive” since I was little .Ive seen a lot of weird stuff in my day , so maybe this thing that was at my table knew that I wouldn’t react crazy at it (?) . There’s so much out there that is still hidden , interesting to learn new things . The reptiles , I am learning about theory’s , kinda freaks me out !!!

  7. One more comment to add. Portholes into another dimension !! Yes !! I was always a skeptic about this subject . A few months ago , my “ blink” camera went off . I viewed the video , I could see a image of a body coming out of my garden stone wall , walk past my front door . Happened again the next night . Then after that ,my camera pick up a tall large figure walking in my front seating area , coming towards front door . Looks like a huge man with a long black cape . Creepy !!!! I still have the videos saved to my phone . It’s really fascinating , but creepy !! Our house does have a lot of “ ghost” action , so I’m not sure if was captured on video is living people passing through a port hole or ghosts . Ignore any and all “ ghosts” . They feed off of fear , Ignore them , they will move on . Just my experience with the dead .

  8. For the past two days, I have been navigating the “rabbit hole” of alien historical presence in NA. Mind-blowing. Not much going on in S. GA besides trying to get locals to wake up. Is it possible to get rid of the invaders? Should we relocate and leave it to them? After all, it’s a fairly unstable planet. Bob Sanders says aliens are dimensional entities that don’t incarnate into physical form. (Well, TGWB says that.) Archons. I’ve come to realize reality is a lot more complex than anyone knows.

  9. Ten years ago, driving into a hot springs oasis nestled in Mtns, in Ca. I saw there was a base from a map of military bases. I told the driver one was there. He said no, couldn’t be, then my phone wifi got connection in the middle of nowhere, I said “then why did my phone just connect to wifi?” He had no answer.

  10. So, supposedly President made a treaty with the Grey’s and they wanted to eliminate all of the Reptilians. They warned the president that if they don’t they will infiltrate our government. More than 70 yrs have passed and our government, government officials, banking system. Guess who runs it!?

  11. Draco Reptilians don’t look like that drawing. I would know…I have actually seen them and been involved with them. The Draco warriors are here as a security force. They are working in collaboration with many other alien groups to take over Earth and enslave us. That have come after me because they claim that together with Divine Intervention we will stop them in the future. Earth belongs to humans, and Native Reptilians. Do not hand over the reigns of our planet to these foreign races. Dr David Jacobs book The Threat warns us of their plans using hybrids. Dr Karla Turner books warn us of them working with the Deep State military. And Marshall Vian Summers Revelation online website is from our Angelic Assembly. That’s the most important message to read. My website is https://dracoreptillians.wordpress.com/2023/06/19/draco-reptilians/


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