UFO uncloaking after Thunder Strike !

Feb 1, 2016

Yes, you’ve read that right. A massive lightning strike actually managed to temporarily destroy this UFO’s cloaking system only for it to boot itself back up quickly. This has led to a ton of theories regarding why this happened in the first place. The general consensus is that the UFO’s cloaking shield works on the same principles as a magnetic field would, so when it came into contact with the massive UFO strike which garnered around a thousand or so Giga Watts in a millisecond or so it was helpless against it. The fact that we’ve uncovered multiple of these flying unidentified objects only proves the fact that they are oftentimes targeted by the lightning as their huge ships attract the electric and magnetic fields in the sky. They’ve been proven to live amongst us multiple times in the past so this is no surprise, but what is cool about it is that we can now prove the fact that they’ve been spying on us all along. With this cloaking technology, the fleet of UFOs could easily stand right above us and check up on us without us even knowing in the first place. This discovery is massive, to say the least, and according to most experts, it also proves how we could potentially fight back in the case of a surprise attack.

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