Jun 24, 2019


A fascinating video was recently posted on the Internet, shot by an amateur astronomer with a Canon EOS 70D 300 mm camera and, according to the poster, a teleconverter mounted on a tripod. So, what does it all mean? Strange objects, which are commonly referred to as UFOs, were filmed by the camera lens, which shot the moon with decent resolution and high quality of other parameters. While most people automatically equate this abbreviation with alien ships or other extraterrestrial devices, it may actually refer to something. As a result, several Internet users speculated in the comments section of this video that satellites or space debris had simply gotten through the camera lens. And, if nothing else, it sounds very compelling. The video’s creator is a seasoned astronomer and ufologist who would not put a video on the Internet unless he was certain of the contrary. Satellites and space junk, in his view, do not move as quickly as they can. They also don’t fly in groups of one or in triangles. It also doesn’t seem to be birds.

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