UFO Appears Fixed Above The Sea Mauritius


April 9, 2021
We at U.I.P. are really picky on which UFO videos/photos we show the world, but this one, shot in Mauritius, a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean, intrigues us so much that we’re trying to track down the person who shot it so we can interview him! There have been a lot of fantastic sightings so far this year (as well as a lot of hoaxes, unfortunately), and as we said at the start of the year, there are some exciting times ahead of us all, particularly with UFO sightings growing by twice as much as they did last year. According to missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com, the guy who saw this ‘what seems’ to be a massive metallic UFO resting in the clouds above the sea (you can see the sun reflected off it) said: “On March 13, 2016, at 18.55 p.m., my wife and I were on our balcony in Mauritius, a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean, when my wife said, “I think there is something strange in the sky above the sea.” So I grabbed my phone and began filming a mysterious object that seemed to be concealed in the clouds. We’re not sure whether we saw a UFO or not. Please take a look at the fascinating video below.

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