UFO Lou – ***I. S. S. Paced by SOYUZ***..From my backyard!


The video you’re about to watch shows the International Space Station from the ground. However, it appears that a small dot-like object was chasing the station at a similar rate. Is it possible that a UFO was watching the International Space Station from above?

The UFO could be spying on the ISS or attempting to make contact, according to skeptics and theorists.

Nonetheless, since NASA’s official explanation arrived with a one-day delay, some UFO experts believe NASA is once again covering up the truth, and that the small dot was in fact an alien spacecraft carrying advanced military craft on a top-secret space mission.

According to official reports, the object could be a Russian Soyuz rocket that Yuri Malenchenko had abandoned in order to land safely. As a result, the Russian Soyuz spacecraft would attempt to dock with the International Space Station.

However, it appears that NASA interrupted the live feed during the incident, which is not unusual because NASA frequently interrupts live transmissions when such incidents occur.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

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