‘UFO Detector’ Sparks Bomb Scare

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Authorities at a state forest in New Jersey were forced to call in a bomb squad following the discovery of a bizarre-looking contraption described as an instrument for identifying UFOs. The weird case reportedly unfolded last Friday morning when someone visiting the Wharton State Forest stumbled upon the odd gadget, which bore the label ‘UFO Detector Site,’ and smartly phoned the police. Upon their arrival, investigators from the New Jersey State Park Police examined the strange object and, erring on the side of caution, brought in a special bomb-sniffing K-9 unit to determine if the device was dangerous.In detailing the incident on Facebook, the department indicated that after the benign nature of the ‘UFO Detector’ was confirmed, they ‘disarmed’ the unit by “unplugging the headphone wire from the block of wood and the soup can it was plugged into.” In their recounting, they went on to muse that “although human kind and the visitors to New Jersey’s State Parks appreciate an extraterrestrial early warning device like this, we should not be finding them in our State Parks.”Based on the rather rudimentary design of the ‘machine,’ one is left to wonder if it was the creation of an imaginative child rather than a genuine instrument for spotting UFOs, since detecting an ET vehicle like requires more technology than a block of wood, a headphone wire, and an empty can of soup. That said, should an alien invasion occur and it starts in a New Jersey state forest, authorities will no doubt regret having let their guard down.

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