Two Childhood Contactees Who Were Trained Together By ET’s Find Each Other

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Georges was born in New Brunswick, Canada and was a Brother in the Jesuit order. After leaving the Jesuits, he was involved in ‘La Compagnie des Jeunes Canadiens’ in Montreal.

Judith was a teacher in Pennsylvania for special needs children. When Georges
and Judith met as adults in Montreal, life changed as vivid memories of being Experiencers together since early childhood came rushing in.

They spent several months processing these experiences, and reconnecting consciously with the Beings that had picked them up as children and brought them together, throughout their lives.

This connection continues to this day. They developed a Spiritual Retreat Center in Michigan where they taught classes in metaphysics, parapsychology and spiritual transformation.

They were also guided to build a large twenty one foot, 3 sided pyramid which was designed by a friend and was primarily used for meditation.

When they moved to Florida, they continued to teach classes in spiritual transformation. They are also currently administrators of a Florida non-profit organization called
Angels of Hope Love is Real,which has several projects involving children and seniors.

They have been involved in Ufology all their lives and are now MUFON Field Investigators in Florida and are part of MUFON’s Experiencer Research Team which is designed to assist experiencers as they tell their story, perhaps for the first time and truly need an open listener.

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