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Tom Delonge UFO

We first met Tom DeLonge in the 1990s as a member of Blink-182, the multi-platinum pop-punk trio that bridged the gap between boy bands and aggressive rock groups that defined the TRL era.

Since its heyday, it has released six albums between two other bands: Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves, whose sixth LP, Lifeforms, is due out on September 24.

But the most interesting thing, and why we mention it here, is that in recent years he has also dedicated a great amount of time and money to the study of UFOs, forming a research group called To The Stars Academy of Arts. and Sciences (TTSA), through which they released videos of unidentified aerial phenomena that have been confirmed as legitimate by the Pentagon.

Tom DeLonge: There Are Many UFO Videos Filmed By Pilots From As Close As about 3 Metres

What the Pentagon prevented us from seeing

But not all the UFO material that reached the artist’s hands thanks to his contacts – including former officials of government agencies – could see the light. In a recent interview with Guitar World on the occasion of his upcoming album release, Tom DeLonge took the opportunity to talk more about his other passion.

“We noticed that the UFO videos leaked in 2017 ended up being confirmed and published by the Pentagon two years later. How much more is there out there? ”They asked him.

Oh man, there is a lot. This whole album and the movie that we’re releasing, called Monsters of California, jumps to a lot of these things. We want to put things in there for people to bite down and digest. The US government is very active when it comes to UFOs, They have been since the mid-1940s, maybe even a few years earlier, “DeLonge replied.

“They really keep it quiet as they try to solve all the problems that go along with it. When it comes to videos, data, and evidence, there are so many things that you could not understand. People could not understand it. And what we had was only a small program of the billions they spend each year, “he continued in a clear reference to the secret Pentagon AATIP program, whose reality was exposed along with the UFO videos of the Navy.

But not only that, the new member of  Angels & Airwaves also assured that there are amazing videos that show these objects, called UAPs, in more detail.

“Where did we get our videos from, the ones we posted, well, they had 26. And that was a very small branch from a bigger tree. Some of the videos have UFOs 10 feet (3 meters) away from the F / A-18, tracking them for 20 minutes and it’s all on camera! The UFO is going like 600 miles per hour, and the pilot goes crazy yelling that this thing is scanning the plane, “he said.

As for why we haven’t seen such filmic evidence, he replied, “We almost got it out, but there were some top Pentagon officials who got very upset when they found out they were being declassified. Yes… there is much more out there, for sure! “

Source: Guitar World



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