Time Traveler Meets Himself in The Future

A man claims to have time traveled to the year 2042 and have met himself in the future. The man, Håkan Nordkvist claims to be a time traveler. He says that in August of 2006, he had a flooding sink. Thinking it was a leak, he went to fix it. To his surprise, the underneath of his sink seemed to go on forever. Eventually he came to a white light and was in the future. Having time traveled to the year 2042, he met his future 72 year old self and the two compared tattoos. What do you think? Is this man a real time traveler?



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1 thought on “Time Traveler Meets Himself in The Future”

  1. Hello! In a answer to the question this blog poses my answer would be I don’t know as my first reaction.There needs to be demonstratable evidence more to the point of concrete scientific evidence before a tale like that can be considered true.The Raelian movement doesn’t speak of the reality of time travel however I feel I must keep a open mind to such things besides I feel the Elohim potential within us will reveal whether time travel is practical in a real sense of the word.I must admit I like the subject and my reading library contains one or two books on the subject and to name one of my favorites in particular is a book called Time Travelers from our future by Dr.Bruce Goldberg! Its not based on concrete scientific fact but the possibility of it excites me to say the least.It should also be noted I bought two DVD’s on the subject and I’am looking forward to watching it on TV when I get a chance.I’am fascinated by people coming forward with such stories however I would caution anyone telling these stories not to make any predictions of the future.That would make others feel like their prisoners of time but instead able to alter events based on freewill that would put humanity on a more positive timeline lastly.I want to thank Nancy for posing the question here and I’ve had fun answering it in my own way until next time everyone!


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