This Man Recorded a Real Grey Alien Walking Inside a UFO

Feb 28, 2020


As you can see from the description, an amateur has recently been able to catch a video of what seems to be a Gray alien walking inside his spaceship. This alien looks much like the one in the movie “Close Encounters” and was seen really close to the movie set, which prompted viewers to assume that the aliens in the movie were never CGI, to begin with.
If it is the case, they might have snuck actual aliens into our newspapers for the longest of times now. Brett believed that this image was undead and a hundred percent genuine, he also claimed that there was no evidence that CGI was being used in the movie, so it must certainly have been the result of a clever scheme by the aliens all along. If they eventually make us embrace their odd look, we’d be a lot less afraid of them as we come across them, or so the theory says.
Some claim that these aliens have been the popular Gray Aliens all along because the monsters in the movie appear to mimic humans a lot in action and movement, which has also been seen with Gray Aliens. A image of what looks to be alien wearing pants was also taken, which tells us that it wasn’t CGI after all. There are a lot of other theories available, but from what we can see, this is certainly one of the most plausible ones, to say the least since it is already confirmed, unlike most of the other theories out there.

Original RAW footage found of the Turkey UFO seen by dozens of residents between 2007 and 2009 in Kumburgaz, Turkey. The objects were witnessed over the sea and filmed from the beach.

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2 thoughts on “This Man Recorded a Real Grey Alien Walking Inside a UFO”

  1. Back in 1969, I was on my last Westpac cruise. I was on port lookout aboard the USS Tiru (SS-416 . I’d been scanning for about a half hour when I notice a light in the sky off the port bow. I started watching it, all at once, I realized that it was colored the color of fire. As it got closer, a ‘tail’ appeared. all of the sudden, it made a 90 degree turn to the left. It seemed about 2 minutes when it made another immediate turn to the left, then flew away to the North. I completely forgot about it until a couple of years ago. Then it was in my memory, again.

    • That happens a lot sometimes memories are suppressed for awhile or erased then it is remembered or sometimes old photos you look at now and you see something you never did before it’s a awakening into your subconscious to guide you into a new awareness of life.


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