Dragon Bloodlines and the Serpent Seed – ROBERT SEPEHR

Apr 10, 2020

The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court was based upon an ancient bloodline tradition stemming from ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Scythian lineages. There are historians that say that the Scythians belonged to the ten lost tribes of Israel.

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1 thought on “Dragon Bloodlines and the Serpent Seed – ROBERT SEPEHR”

  1. Fabulous! I have known for quite sometime that The 10 lost tribes came from over the Caucus Mountain’s. When filling out a request for being hired by a company, there was (as I’m sure you were aware of this!) a list of ” Black, Asian, Spanish, white or Caucasian, mostly using the word “Caucasian.” Thank you for excellent research and production of it on this site!


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