Proxima B: New planet discovered by scientists

Aug 24, 2016

Have you not read the headlines yet? Earth 2 has been formally discovered in the Proxima Centauri system. It’s referred to as the Second World because of how close it really is to our own world. Since it has liquid water on it, scientists assume that the likelihood of discovering life on it is incredibly high, to say the least, provided that this is how life started on our planet, too.

Its official name is Proxima B, and according to most scientists, it’s bigger than our World, and it has a lot more rocks on it than we’ve ever seen, so aside from that, it’s the nearest we’ve ever had to find life on another planet, to say the least. Sitting at 1.3 times the size of our own earth, it lies at a constant of-90 and 30 degrees Celsius. Because of this, scientists assume that if we don’t eventually discover a life created, we might still use the earth to our benefit for colonization purposes.

Since it’s situated about 4 light-years away from us, it means that we can’t really go there as yet, but after finding it, physicists have started to search diligently to find the means to get there as soon as possible. Although we can’t see it for ourselves through using our telescopes, Proxima Centauri is always the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to discover further life out there, or perhaps to re-establish our whole presence on the other world by colonizing it step by step.

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